May 2018


Free Webinar - How will GDPR affect my payroll processing?

Payroll Data & GDPR - What you need to know about consent, emailing payslips, and your legal obligation. 

Employers must take steps to protect and securely manage employee’s personal data to comply with GDPR. Equally, where a business outsources their payroll to a third party, they are legally obliged to provide assurances to safeguard the payroll information they manage on behalf of their clients.

Given recent cyber-attacks, an updated security process is definitely required to protect the personal data that we manage. GDPR is not a new concept, it is simply a data protection process that is being upgraded to protect all individuals. Essentially, GDPR is an overhaul of the way we process, manage and store individual’s personal data.

This free webinar will uncover the ins and outs of the impact of GDPR on your payroll processing, highlighting the biggest areas of concern including emailing payslips, employee consent and your legal obligation. Places are limited, book early to avoid disappointment.


We will walk you through some important steps to achieve GDPR compliance by examining the following topics:

What does GDPR mean for your payroll processing?

  • Understanding GDPR 
  • The contract between accountants & clients
  • Template Data Processor Agreement 
  • Proof of compliance 
  • Securely storing employee data

Payslips & GDPR Compliance

  • Employee consent 
  • Emailing payslips 
  • Recommended self-service access

Breaching GDPR

  • Data breach plan of action 
  • Non-compliance and penalties

BrightPay & GDPR

  • BrightPay Connect - online self-service portal 
  • Enhanced security measures

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Mar 2018


April Customer Newsletter - BrightPay 18/19 released

***** Please confirm whether you want to hear from us (GDPR related) - Important Update ****

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BrightPay 2018/19 is Now Available. What's New?

The release includes exciting new features to make your payroll and auto enrolment journey easier and less time consuming including:

  • Auto enrolment minimum contribution increases (phasing) including letters 
  • Enhanced feature to email documents & reports
  • Improved calendar features
  • BrightPay Connect - Improved GDPR security and cloud functionality 
  • 2018/19 Scottish Rate of Income Tax (SRIT) codes, rates and thresholds
  • Payroll journal export to Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, Exact & Kashflow
  • API integration with Aviva
  • April 2018 National Living Wage rates

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You need to activate your BrightPay Connect licence to backup your data

After purchasing BrightPay Connect, you will need to activate your licence key code. If the licence is not activated, your payroll data will not backup automatically. Employees will not be able to access their payslips or request leave on the self-service portal. Activate your licence key code now to start availing of the many cloud benefits. Haven’t tried BrightPay Connect yet?

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BrightPay Announces API Integration with Aviva

BrightPay are delighted to announce that we are the first payroll software on the market to offer direct integration with Aviva. An API is a fully integrated tool that directly links both the payroll and pension provider together. This integration allows customers to submit their pension data file to the Aviva online portal from within BrightPay.

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Free Bright Contracts Webinar: UK Employment Law Overview

As busy employers it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the constant changes in employment law. In this webinar our employment law experts discuss what is new in employment law, recent employment law cases and have a look at the most frequently asked questions that come through our support line.

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For Payroll Bureaus / Accountants

Payroll Data and GDPR: What you need to know about consent, emailing payslips, and your legal obligation

In this guide, we will specifically look at the impact of GDPR on your payroll processing and address the biggest areas of concern. We will walk you through some important steps to achieve GDPR compliance.

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Understanding Minimum Contribution Increases (Phasing) and its Implications

Your clients will need to be ready to implement the increased minimum contribution rates for auto enrolment from April 2018 and April 2019. Our guide and free webinar look at what you must know about processing the increases in contribution rates in 2018 (and clients should thank you for it).

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How BrightPay Connect can help with GDPR!

Under the GDPR legislation, where possible the controller should be able to offer self-service remote access to a secure system which would provide the individual with direct access to his or her personal data. BrightPay Connect is a self-service option which will give your payroll clients and their employees online remote access to view payslips and other payroll documents 24/7.

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Feb 2018


Auto enrolment to hit Ireland

Ireland looks to follow in the footsteps of the UK and introduce a workplace pension reform by 2021. The Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar announced that Ireland is planning an auto enrolment pension system that would see all employees enrolled into a workplace pension scheme by their employers. While details are still being finalised it is likely that Ireland will replicate many of the processes that were rolled out by the UK.


Similar to the UK, Irish employees are not saving enough for their retirement. To combat this, the Irish government wants employers and employees to contribute towards a workplace pension scheme to prepare for retirement.


Varadkar states:

“This issue has been long-fingered for too long, and now that the economy is recovering strongly we must act decisively, and we will publish a five-year roadmap for pension reform before the end of the year. This will include the introduction of an auto-enrolment pension scheme for private sector workers, two-thirds of whom currently have no occupational pension to supplement their State pension.”

Certain Irish employer groups are opposing the move for auto enrolment citing the administrative and financial burdens it will create. The concept is being driven by the fact that the Irish government will not be able to support the growing aging Irish population into retirement. Auto enrolment is an effective retirement strategy that will increase employees savings towards a more financially secure retirement.


The auto enrolment concept has been hugely successful and proved in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The aim of a pension reform will allow every employee access to a workplace pension scheme that is provided by their employer by law.


Written by Karen Bennett | BrightPay Payroll Software

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Nov 2017


The benefits of offering cloud payroll services

Accounting firms and payroll bureaus are increasingly moving into the cloud to offer clients a more flexible and streamlined payroll service. Many believe that payroll isn’t a profitable service due to the complexity of the work, the manual administrative time required and the increasing number of mistakes when it comes to recording employee leave.


The actual process of running payroll is straightforward enough due to easy to use features in payroll software. But what about the administrative payroll and HR related tasks such as processing & sending payslips, managing & recording employee leave, lost payslips, backing up your payroll data, sending payroll reports to clients and updating employee records? All of these tasks can take a considerable amount of managerial time to process and correct where errors have occurred.


The payroll landscape is changing and many payroll bureaus are offering clients a certain level of cloud functionality that automates otherwise time consuming tasks. Online access to payroll information for your clients and their employees offers significant benefits for today's bureau which can will streamline many workforce management tasks.


Cloud Backup

Storing payroll information and data protection continues to be a challenge for payroll bureaus. With an automated cloud backup tool you will never lose your payroll data again. You don’t need to worry about manually backing up your payroll data. Where you payroll software is integrated with the cloud, your payroll data will synchronised to the cloud as you run your payroll or make any changes whilst maintaining a chronological history of your backups. You can restore or download any of the backups to your PC or Mac at any time.


Eliminate Paper & Postage Processing

The concept of a paper payslips that need to be downloaded and emailed or printed, enveloped and then posted in an outdated process. More and more, employees want their payslips to be accessible and securely stored online. Payslips and other payslips related documents such as P60’s, P45’s and employment contracts can be easily accessible on an employee self service online portal. With the cloud, payroll bureaus can avoid spending time printing, emailing and resending lost documents to employees. An online employee self service option allows employees to view current and historic payslips and access all HR employee documents.


Online 24/7 Accessibility

A cloud client and employee dashboard provides 24/7 flexibility and control of payroll information. Clients can access all employees payslips, payroll reports, amounts due to HMRC, employee contact details and can even approve annual leave requests. Employees can access their self service portal on their computer or via a mobile app to view and download payslips, easily submit holiday requests and view leave taken and leave remaining.


Increased Bureau Productivity

Cloud functionality allows for many payroll related tasks to be synchronized with your payroll software. Payroll bureaus radically save time as they no longer need to send payslips to employees, send payroll reports to clients, re-send lost payslips or manually process employee leave on the payroll software.


Annual Leave Management Tool

Annual leave approvals can be approved in the cloud and automatically recorded on your payroll software reducing errors and ensuring leave data is up to date at all times. Clients can view a company wide online calendar where they can easily approve leave while managing staff availability for their business. Employees can benefit as a cloud portal will calculate accurate leave balances in real time. Senior managers and supervisors can be given a high level access to approve holiday requests. 


Full integration with payroll software

Payroll software systems that offer a fully integration with the cloud is a must. Integrated payroll and cloud allows both tools in share and synchronise your payroll data in real time. An online payroll tool that links to clients data that is saved on your payroll software can directly communicate with each other ensuring all information is current and correct.


Embrace cloud payroll functionality

Using the cloud to automate many daily payroll and HR related tasks will improve efficiencies for payroll bureaus, employers/clients and their employees. BrightPay Connect is one such cloud solution that fully integrate with BrightPay Payroll offering:


  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Bureau / Client online dashboard
  • Online payroll reporting
  • Employee self service
  • Online leave management 
  • Safely store HR documents online
  • Update employee details
  • Affordability with discounts for multiple purchases
  • Easy of Use





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Aug 2017


Customer Update: August 2017

BrightPay Customer Survey: The Results are in

In our recent survey, we were delighted to discover that our customer satisfaction rate has slightly improved since last year from 99.2% to 99.8%. The satisfaction rate for BrightPay’s customer support is 98.6% which is also an improvement on last year.

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Employers warned by The Pensions Regulator regarding Fake Exemption Certificates

Employers are being made aware of an apparent scam of exemption certificates for automatic enrolment purposes being offered by at least one company. An investigation is being undertaken by The Pensions Regulator into this company offering what is described as 'Certificates of Auto Enrolment Exemption' to employers.

Read full article here

Bright Contracts Webinar: Keeping your business compliant with Employment Law

As busy employers it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the constant changes in employment law. In this webinar we discuss what is new in employment law, give you key facts about the legislation that you need to know and highlight areas that will help ensure your business remains compliant.

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News for Bureaus 

Watch our latest video to see how BrightPay Connect can benefit your payroll bureau

 BrightPay Connect our latest cloud add-on works alongside BrightPay Payroll. Payroll information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed online by you and your clients anywhere. BrightPay Connect offers additional innovative payroll and HR features that will enhance client relationships and increase revenue for your bureau.

Watch video      Find out more

Free CPD Auto Enrolment Webinars with NEST, Workplace Pensions Direct, Aviva & Pension PlayPen

Join BrightPay and our guest speakers to understand what the future holds for auto enrolment covering re-enrolment, auto enrolment and new employer's, Basic PAYE tools and all you NEED to know about choosing a pension scheme. Registration is free.

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New Employers & Auto Enrolment

From the 1st of October 2017, clients who become an employer for the first time will immediately have AE duties to complete for any staff they employ. Worryingly, according to research conducted by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), 49%, almost half of accountants asked did not know that new employers would have AE duties.

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News for Employers 

Watch our latest video to see how BrightPay Connect can improve your annual leave processing

BrightPay Connect our latest cloud add-on works alongside BrightPay Payroll. Payroll information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed online by you and your employees. BrightPay Connect offers additional innovative payroll and HR features that streamline your annual leave management and payroll processing.

Watch video         Find out more

Understanding your Declaration of Compliance 

An employer's declaration of compliance is one of the most important automatic enrolment duties and it should not be left until the last minute. It is never too early to start preparing. This blog will take you through the various steps employers will need to understand to successfully complete their Declaration of Compliance.

Read blog here

Proposed State Pension Age Changes: How will it affect you?

Under current legislation, the State Pension age increase from 67 to 68 is to be phased in between the years 2044 and 2046. The Government, however, now plan to implement this increase seven years earlier. Should this proposed change go ahead, this means that the State Pension age will thus increase to 68 between 2037 and 2039 instead.

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Jul 2017


BrightPay continues to evolve

BrightPay receives excellent customer satisfaction, provides expert customer support and saves time. Over the last year, we identified key features to improve and make the payroll journey easier, including:

  • CSV payroll journal export facility for import into accounting software.
  • NEST API capabilities to validate groups and payment sources and to send payment approval requests for contributions schedule.
  • Easier import processing from other payroll software providers. 
  • 30 second import from HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools. 
  • Payroll and HR cloud portal to automatically backup payroll data online, with online access to payslips, reporting, annual leave and HR documents.

These improvements make BrightPay a progressive payroll product, continually evolving to maximise time saving benefits for customers. Our latest cloud add-on, BrightPay Connect, offers savings of up to 75% to our payroll bureau customers when bulk purchasing multiple BrightPay Connect licences.



  • I recently moved from HMRC Basic Tools. Everything transferred very easily and all the employee information I needed was in BrightPay instantly.
  • Submitting PAYE and pensions contributions (including emailing payslips and submissions to HMRC and NEST) takes not more than 3 or 4 minutes on average.
  • One of the best payroll portals I have used! I really like the new documents feature.

Click for more testimonials & case studies.

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Jun 2017


How can BrightPay Connect benefit your payroll bureau?

BrightPay Connect our latest cloud add-on works alongside BrightPay Payroll. Payroll information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed online by you and your clients anywhere. BrightPay Connect offers additional innovative payroll and HR features that will enhance client relationships and increase revenue for your bureau.


Secure online Backup

Don't worry about manually backing up or losing your client payroll data again. Simply link an employer to BrightPay Connect, then the payroll data will be automatically synchronised to the cloud as you run your payroll or make any changes. Payroll files are automatically backed up every 15 minutes when open and again when closed down, offering cloud security against ransomware and cyber attacks. A chronological history of backups will be maintained which can be restored at any time.


Bureau Dashboard

Access your online multi-company dashboard which gives an overview of clients’ payroll information in one place. BrightPay Payroll and BrightPay Connect are automatically synced to capture annual leave and changes to employee details.


Client / Employer Access

Invite clients to their own company dashboard where they have online access to an overview of their employer details, employee requests, employee contact details, employee payslips and any outstanding amounts due to HMRC. Payroll reports that have been set up and saved in the payroll are automatically available on BrightPay Connect.


Employee Online Access

Employees can access their own personal self service portal from any computer, tablet or smartphone. They can view and retrieve their historic payslips and other payroll documents such as a P60, P45, or P11d which can be exported to PDF and printed. Employees can easily submit holiday requests, view leave taken and leave remaining as well as amend personal contact details.


Annual Leave Management

Your client can view a company leave calendar allowing them to effectively manage their staffing resources and plan ahead to ensure there is sufficient staff cover at all times. Once an employee requests leave, clients can authorise or reject the request which then flows back to the payroll. Clients will have full visibility of how much leave an employee has taken, the number of annual leave days remaining and how frequently an employee is on sick leave. 


HR Solution

BrightPay Connect has built-in features giving your clients a ready-to-go HR solution. HR documents can be uploaded including employee handbooks and contracts, disciplinary documents, company newsletters, training material and more. Clients can also manage all leave for their employees including sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave and paternity leave.


Benefits for Payroll Bureaus

BrightPay Connect introduces powerful new online features that offers a range of benefits for your bureau, your clients and your clients’ employees.

  • Add your own bureau or firm logo to boost the visibility of your brand and enhance client relationships.
  • Clients get 24/7 access to their employees’ payslips and other payroll reports which will improve transparency for your client and their employees.
  • Never worry about losing your client’s payroll data again as your data is now securely stored in the cloud.
  • Make significant savings when bulk purchasing multiple BrightPay Connect licences. With savings of up to 75%, the more clients you sign up to BrightPay Connect, the more profits you can make.
  • Increase revenue by adding a new payroll service offering to clients.
  • Save time and reduce admin by automating and streamlining many internal payroll and HR administrative processes.
  • Eliminate the administrative work and time it takes to send payroll documents to clients and their employees each pay period.

The two things that our bureau customers really rave about are (1) you are up and running in seconds, as this is all the time it takes to sync all of your client data to the cloud and and (2) you, your clients and their employees can access their payroll information from anywhere, from any device.

Read: Benefits of BrightPay Connect for Bureaus

BrightPay - Payroll and Auto Enrolment Software
Bright Contracts - Employment Contracts and Handbooks

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May 2017


Understanding Your Employer Auto Enrolment Ongoing Duties

Auto enrolment is not a one off job and employers need to carry out a number of tasks on an ongoing basis. Automatic enrolment is a continuing responsibility for employers. Employers must complete the following tasks in order to remain fully compliant with the law.

Record keeping:

Employers must continually keep records of their auto enrolment activities including names and addresses of employees they have enrolled, records of when the contributions were paid to the pension provider, opt in requests, pension scheme reference or registry numbers and information that was sent to the pension provider. These records must be kept for a period of six years. Opt out requests or notices must be kept for four years.

Ongoing employee assessment:

You must complete an employee assessment each pay period to monitor any changes to an employee's age and earnings. For example, if an employee turns 22 or their qualifying earnings increase then they may become an eligible jobholder. Payroll software should handle this automatically for you. Be aware, HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools will not cater for employee assessment. Additionally, new staff must also be assessed to see if they are eligible for enrolment.

Enrolling staff after the staging date:

All existing or new staff that become eligible will need to be enrolled into the pension scheme. As part of this, eligible jobholders will need to receive an enrolment letter informing them of how auto enrolment will affect them now that they have become eligible. These employees will have the right to opt out of the scheme within the opt out period.


Avoid Auto Enrolment Fines

Ultimately the responsibility of auto enrolment is with the employer. Employer payroll software will make auto enrolment must easier to manage these new duties on an ongoing basis. The Pensions Regulator will fine employers who fail to submit their declaration of compliance or comply with their duties. Make sure you avoid fines and fully complete all of the mandatory duties required.

Over 100,000 businesses now process their payroll through BrightPay. BrightPay is free for employers with three or less employees, £89 + VAT / per tax year for an employer licence and £229 + VAT / per tax year. Download a BrightPay 60 day trial to see just how user friendly it is.


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Apr 2017


Auto Enrolment - Increased workload or increased opportunity for Bureaus?

This year, accountants and payroll bureaus will see a large number of their clients approaching them to assist with auto enrolment (AE). The process of complying with AE requires payroll expertise to calculate pension contributions for employees who are eligible and for employees who choose to join or opt into the pension scheme. 2017 will see the largest number of employers reach their staging date. At the end of March, we saw a new record of over half a million employers who have complied and fulfilled their auto enrolment duties.

The sheer volume of small and micro employers going through the AE process represents an opportunity for payroll bureaus to add a new service to their existing payroll services. Many of these small employers will be using HMRC's Basic PAYE tools (BPT) which will not cater for the needs of automatic enrolment. Basic tools is just that, a basic tool. It will not carry out the employee assessment required, produce communications to send to all employees, cater for enrolment, produce payslips that show both employer and employee contributions or create the pension data file to submit to the pension provider. This lack of functionality with Basic Tools is another reason why your clients may look to you for help with their duties.

For employers who wish to carry out their payroll and auto enrolment tasks in house, they have the option to switch to payroll software that can support their employer auto enrolment duties. Check to see if your payroll provider can import from Basic PAYE Tools. BrightPay has a specially developed feature, where you can import your employer data into BrightPay from BPT instantly. There is no need for manual data entry. Some good providers even offer a free payroll software licence which includes auto enrolment to micro employers.

How much is auto enrolment software?

At this stage you should be aware that you should not have to pay an extra charge for auto enrolment functionality. Unjustifiably, some payroll providers are charging their customers for an auto enrolment module or add-on. Some are also charging per employee, per month which can be expensive. If you do the maths, you will soon see how this can add up over a yearly period. There are other payroll systems that can deal with auto enrolment but it can be a manual process of running reports every pay period with additional steps required to process your client through AE.

It is worth investing in payroll software that has automated auto enrolment technology. BrightPay has been developed specifically with payroll and auto enrolment automation in mind. Using an automated software will not only save you time but it can make you money. By improving efficiencies, bureaus will naturally increase productivity and profitability for each client. BrightPay can email payslips, send RTI returns, automate auto enrolment, manage holiday pay and a whole list of features.

An important thing to look out for is the ability to import your staff details into the payroll. BrightPay has the ability to import data via CSV file or FPS. You can also directly import each of your client's employer information into the program. At BrightPay, we have developed tailored import facilities from HMRC’s Basic Tools and Moneysoft where payroll bureaus can import multiple employer files at the same time. Read: Switching to BrightPay - Made Easier for you!

Increased opportunity?

With the right, automated payroll tools, the process of auto enrolment should be very straightforward, seamless and, above all, a profitable exercise. Without doubt, auto enrolment should be an additional service that your payroll clients should expect to pay for. For many accountants and bureaus, auto enrolment has been the perfect platform to increase revenue. The smaller employer is likely to be the least prepared for auto enrolment and are also likely to turn to a payroll professional to outsource their payroll and auto enrolment tasks. Additionally, clients will want to avoid being fined for non-compliance by the Pensions Regulator. This is another motivation to use a professional to get it right first time round.

Increased workload?

With the wrong tools, helping your clients through auto enrolment could end up being very costly and time consuming. Check how much your payroll provider is charging for auto enrolment. Your workload will be increase if you do not utilise an automated software. For example, your payroll software should automatically complete the employee assessment each pay period for you and then alert you of any new AE duties that need to be performed.

This assessment needs to take place on an on-going basis to monitor any changes to an employee's circumstance. If they turn 22 or if there is an increase in their earnings, they may become eligible. Auto enrolment does not just take place at staging, it is an ongoing process. As auto enrolment is an integral part of the payroll process, BrightPay believe that it should be an included feature as part of the price of your payroll package. Paying more money for auto enrolment software will eat into your profits and make for a poor bottom line.

BrightPay is the answer

BrightPay is a user friendly payroll package that makes your auto enrolment journey easy. BrightPay take the manual grunt work out of AE by automating employee assessment, enrolment, producing letters and is integrated with 18 pension providers. Book a BrightPay Demo where we will show how you can setup your clients in BrightPay and start the automated process once you reach your staging date. BrightPay will ensure that you can streamline your AE processing to maximise efficiencies and profits.

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Apr 2017


Customer Update - April 2017

BrightPay 2017/18 is Now Available. What's New?

The release includes exciting new features to make your payroll and auto enrolment journey easier and less time consuming. Our development team have been working hard to bring you the best customer experience, improving BrightPay’s performance and responsiveness.

See what’s new


Payroll Benefits 2017-18 - Register before 6th April 2017

Employers who wish to payroll benefits in the tax year 2017-18 must register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) using the online Payrolling Benefits in Kind (PBIK) service before 6th April 2017 (if you had not already registered last year).

Learn more here


Auto Enrolment employer duties - Employee Assessment

Read our blog published on UK Business forums as we explain the ins and outs of what you need to understand your employee assessment process.

Read full article


Have tried our latest add on - BrightPay Connect?

BrightPay Connect (previously named BrightPay Cloud) is an optional add on online tool that gives your clients access to their own dashboard. It allows you to automatically backup your payroll data to the cloud. Employees can log onto an online self service portal to view payslips and request annual leave. Bureau discounts for bulk purchases.

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BrightPay Payroll & Auto Enrolment Training

At the end of the training session, participants will know how they can best use BrightPay to suit their payroll requirements, including:

  • how to set up employer and employee records
  • how to create and process pay items
  • how to complete a payroll run and submit data to HMRC
  • how to generate customised reports to suit your business requirements

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Payrolling Benefits: What do you need to know? - Free Webinar

This presentation explains how to calculate cash equivalents for all of the different benefits employers may wish to payroll. It also provides best practice advice on the systems that employers should have in place to improve their workflow if they are interested in payrolling benefits for the first time.

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For Payroll Bureaus

Review BrightPay on Accounting Web

Accounting Web’s Practice Excellence Awards have just launched. Please share your views on BrightPay and you could win a prize. AccountingWEB are offering one lucky winner £500 in Amazon vouchers, and 2 runners up with Amazon vouchers worth £250. The survey takes less than 30 seconds.

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Auto Enrolment Webinar with Guest Speaker NEST

Over 750,000 employers are due to reach their staging date this year. Many of whom will choose NEST as their AE pension scheme. Join BrightPay & NEST as we take you through creating an effective AE pricing plan and how to easily set up NEST.

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For Employers

Rate BrightPay on Software Advice

Software Advice is a review platform that rates various software products. As a valued customer, your feedback is very important to us. Please share your views on BrightPay. The survey takes about 2 or 3 minutes to complete.

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