Nov 2017


Additional annual leave for non smokers

A Japanese company is rewarding its non-smoking employees with an extra six days annual leave a year with pay.

This all came about when an employee from a marketing firm based in Tokyo, used the company's suggestion box to point out that his co-workers who smoked, worked much less than the non-smokers. The employee went on to outline how smokers took time away from their desks while the non-smokers had to hold down the fort.

In a clever twist, instead of punishing the smokers by deducting their pay or insisting that they make up the extra time, the company decided to reward the non-smokers by giving them an extra six days off a year with pay.

Chief Executive Officer Takao Asuka also feels that this might encourage some of the smokers to quit because of the incentive.

The Huffingting Post has reported that 30 of the 120 employees are eligible for the extra six days off, and four employees have already quit smoking since the policy was put in place.

Is this something that you would consider in your workplace?


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Apr 2015


HMRC - No Late Payment fees for up to 3 days late

Employers are not to be issued automatic penalties for late submissions of up to 3 days .

HMRC have announced that they will not penalise employers for filing delays of up to 3 days. They have decided that late payment fees will continue to be risk assessed rather than automatic.

It is important to note that this does not mean that there is any change to the deadlines. FPS submissions must still be submitted on or before the payment date.

Any employer that was issued a late filing penalty between 6 October 2014 and 5 January 2015, and they were less than three days late can appeal online against the penalty.

Any employer with fewer than 50 employees are reminded that PAYE late filing penalties will apply to them from the 6th of March.

HMRC have advised that they will review the operation of the changes to the PAYE penalties by the 5th of April 2016.

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