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Making a claim from 1st July 2020 - General information


  • From 1st July, employers will only be able to claim for employees who have previously been furloughed for at least 3 consecutive weeks any time between 1st March 2020 and 30th June 2020.

    (An exception to this is where an employee is returning from statutory parental leave after 10th June and meets the qualifying criteria to be furloughed for the first time).

  • The number of employees you can claim for in any claim period from 1st July 2020 cannot exceed the maximum number of employees you claimed for in any single claim before 30th June 2020.

    (An exception to this is where an employee is returning from statutory parental leave after 10th June and meets the qualifying criteria to be furloughed for the first time).

  • Claims for periods after 30th June can only be made from 1st July.

  • Claim periods starting on or after 1st July 2020 must start and end within the same calendar month

    Therefore, pay periods which span two calendar months must be broken down into 2 separate claims, as per the following example:

    An employer has a weekly pay period ending on a Friday. For the pay period 27th June to 3rd July 2020, the employer will need to submit two separate claims for the following days:

    • 27th to 30th June (which can be a claim on its own or the employer can combine into a single claim with the previous week, claiming for 20th to 30th June)

    • 1st to 3rd July (which can be a claim on its own because it immediately follows the previous claim ending 30 June, or the employer can combine it into a single claim with the following week, claiming for 1st to 10th July)


  • Claim periods should be for a minimum of at least 7 days, unless you are claiming for the first few days or the last few days in a month, known as 'orphan days'.

    Orphan days will need to be included in separate shorter claims and must include either the first or last day of the calendar month - they cannot be claimed for at the same time as days in the previous or following calendar month.


    An employer wishes to make weekly claims for July. Their first pay period in July ends 3rd July. They may choose to claim using the following claim pattern:

    Alternatively, the employer may wish to wait to claim for the orphan days and include these in their claim for period ending 10th July instead:

  • You can only make one claim for any period, so you must include all your furloughed or flexibly furloughed employees in one claim even if you pay them at different times.


  • A subsequent claim cannot overlap with any other claim that you make. Where employees have been furloughed or flexibly furloughed continuously (or both), the claim periods must follow on from each other with no gaps in between the dates.

  • You can claim before, during or after you process your payroll. You can usually make your claim up to 14 days before your claim period end date and do not have to wait until the end of a claim period to make your next claim. 

  • Where an employee is flexibly furloughed, you will need to include details of the employee's usual hours and actual hours worked in your claim.

  • When claiming for employees who are flexibly furloughed, you should not claim until you are sure of the exact number of hours they will have worked during the claim period. This means that you should claim when you have certainty about the number of hours your employees are working during the claim period. 

    Please note:  if you claim in advance and your employee works for more hours than you have told HMRC about, then you will have to pay some of the grant back to HMRC.

  • Payments will be made 6 working days after you make your claim.

  • The final submission date for claims which fall under the CJRS flexible furlough scheme is 30th November 2020.

Please note: BrightPay provides a Claim Report to assist users in completing their grant claim through HMRC's online claim portal. Alternatively, you may wish to use HMRC's calculator to help calculate your reclaimable amounts.

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