Improve turnaround time, reduce the stress - Shane Lukas | AVN

Tuesday, 18 June, 2019
11.00 am
1.5 hour

In part one, Shane Lukas will demonstrate how the 21st century environment and technologies that we're surrounded by are inhibiting our ability to be as productive as we could be. Shane shares simple but effective mechanisms that you can put in place that will help you reduce turnaround times and reduce the stress and pressures of workload AND show you how to make best use of the technologies available so that they're enhancing your productivity further still.

In part two of this webinar, BrightPay will examine how accounting firms can offer a new level of payroll and HR related services by embracing cloud innovation. Today, new cloud technologies are positively impacting the way bureaus and accountants offer payroll services.

Improve turnaround time, reduce the stress

Double, even triple the productivity across your Practice

If you could double the productivity across your Practice whether you’re a 1 person set up or a multi partner, multi employee firm, what financial impact would that have?

How much happier would it make you feel to be turning work around more quickly, accurately and efficiently for clients?

Meeting the daily demands much more quickly means more time for you. Time to leave the office early or time to focus on developing your Practice further.

In fact, what if you could actually triple the productivity?

I expect you’re thinking that it’s unlikely that an improvement of that magnitude could happen in your practice.

Well, Shane Lukas of AVN - Inspiring Accountants has demonstrated countless times to Accountants in Practice how they can achieve this and indeed they have. BrightPay have collaborated with Shane to bring him to you via a webinar on 18th June at 11.00am to demonstrate to you exactly how you can improve the productivity in your Accountancy Practice.

There’s no catch, no strings, no sales pitch.

Shane consistently achieve feedback scores of Outstanding and Excellent from webinars and seminars and give real tangible take-away actions that you can implement and see immediate benefits from.

Shane will share everything you can do yourself to make these improvements. My recommendation is that you book on to it immediately since even digital places are limited on Webinars. Specifically Shane will share…



  • How the 21tst century office is reducing your productivity - And what to do about it.
  • How some technologies (including some cloud based software) are inhibiting productivity whilst others are enhancing it.
  • Why we’re feeling overwhelmed and what to do about it.


Throughout the webinar Shane will share tips and mechanisms that are proven not theoretical that Accountants and indeed Business Owners in general use to enhance their level of productivity.

Shane Lukas

Shane Lukas

Keynote speaker, Author and Trainer enabling accountants to become amazing Business Advisors

How cloud platforms are automating payroll services for profit

Payroll servicing is evolving to a move towards cloud access and flexibility for you, your clients and their employees. The day-to-day tasks of annual leave management, payslip distribution, uploading employee hours and backing up your payroll files can be process-driven and handled by cloud technology. The payroll and HR landscape is fast evolving as business savvy payroll bureaus move towards new-world online technologies. Be ready to offer a new level of payroll and HR related services by embracing cloud innovation.

Register for this webinar now to see how new cloud technologies are positively impacting the way bureaus and accountants offer payroll services.


  • Automatic cloud backup to protect your security & reputation
  • online dashboard for both the bureau and their clients
  • Access to online payslips as standard
  • Annual leave & employee absence management
  • The benefits of smartphone apps
  • Managed employee records in GDPR-compliant ways
  • Integration between online management & payroll software
  • Future-proofing your bureau for a new profit centre
  • A quick look at how BrightPay Connect can help.
Karen Bennett

Karen Bennett

Head of Sales & Marketing at BrightPay Payroll Software