How to pick the right pricing strategy for future payroll profitability (Guest Speaker: James Ashford from GoProposal)

Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
11.00 am
1 hour

How to pick the right pricing strategy for future payroll profitability

In this webinar, we look at how technology will be key to the future profitability of your payroll service. Learn how new automation turns daunting payroll tasks into smooth and profitable tasks. We discuss the pricing strategies that will help secure your payroll profitability.

We are joined by James Ashford founder of GoProposal and author of ‘Selling to Service’. He is going to talk about how to address the challenge that most accountants face, over-servicing and under charging.

The webinar includes a short demonstration of BrightPay’s optional add-on product BrightPay Connect so you can see how your practice can take advantage of this new cloud-based technology. We will explore how BrightPay Connect offers a range of benefits for your bureau, your clients and your clients’ employees.

What you’ll learn:

  • How technology unlocks profitability in payroll as a service 
  • Four tried and tested pricing approaches 
  • The pricing approach I’d recommend for profitable payroll – James Ashford of GoProposal 
  • How BrightPay can help
Rachel Hynes

Rachel Hynes

Senior Marketing Executive at BrightPay

Guest Speaker: James Ashford

James helps accountants and bookkeepers to price consistently sell more confidently & grow more profitably.

He’s achieved this in his own firm - MAP - where alongside Founder Paul Barnes, they first developed GoProposal & implemented a sales culture to ensure they were maximising the value of their clients.

James now helps thousands of accountants & bookkeepers around the world to achieve the same through his software - GoProposal - his philosophies, strategies, videos, books & keynote talks.

James Ashford

James Ashford

Founder of GoProposal and author of 'Selling to Service'.

Webinar Information

The webinar takes place on 15th December at 11.00 am and is free to attend for all payroll bureaus.

If you are unable to attend the webinar at the specified time, simply register and we will send you the recording afterwards.