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At Barrie Bookkeeping and Payroll Solutions Ltd we are a friendly team working with clients providing a collective service with individual specialists. Our services range from accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll, auto enrolment and administering Direct Payments. We assist new start companies & individuals get their firm firmly established in the marketplace by giving them impartial, professional advice about all aspects of business. From starting your business to opening a business trading bank account with preferential rates, through to what advertising might work best for your company development. Barrie Bookkeeping and Payroll Solutions are always happy to help and welcome all enquiries whether it is an interest in one of our services or just some professional help or guidance.

Why BrightPay?

We became increasingly frustrated with the rising cost of our previous payroll software, so we started looking around for a cheaper alternative. We discovered BrightPay whilst browsing online, it offered everything our current package offered but at a fraction of the price. We were determined not to compromise on features and with BrightPay we don’t have too.


What are the key benefits of BrightPay?

We are using BrightPay for almost 5 years now and we have never looked back. BrightPay stood out amongst its competitors because it is so straightforward and easy to use. Within 30 minutes of downloading the free 60 day trial, we felt confident that this was the payroll solution for our company.

BrightPay implemented RTI and auto enrolment to the payroll at no additional cost to their customers, unlike many of their competitors. It is fair to say that the introduction of RTI and auto enrolment are the biggest changes to payroll in many years. It is very clear that the team at BrightPay have worked tirelessly to cushion the blow for their customers, making RTI and auto enrolment an integral part of the software, not just a bolt on.

Customer support has been a vital to us whilst setting up auto enrolment for our clients. The support team were on hand whenever we called to guide us through the process. Once we had BrightPay and NEST setup we were off and running. BrightPay is a way of life for us now.


Favourite things about BrightPay

  • Customer support is excellent.
  • BrightPay are very invested in their customers and will ensure a suggestion is implemented to the payroll whenever possible. 
  • BrightPay are excellent at listening to their customers.
  • Auto enrolment is excellent and very easy to use once setup. 
  • BrightPay improves year after year. We are always confident it is up to date with current legislation.


How does BrightPay help your business?

BrightPay keeps us moving with the times. BrightPay saves us money and time. We have seen our business grow exponentially in the 5 years we have been using it. It allows us to offer the very best service to our customers.


Customer Support

We contacted BrightPay and NEST support quite a lot during the initial setup of auto enrolment. The support team at BrightPay are always very professional, friendly and most importantly helpful. Any problems we had during setup got resolved by the team. We now use BrightPay and NEST very successfully.


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