HMRC Recognised, RTI Enabled, Auto Enrolment

So many features. So little clutter.

By far, the majority of the effort that went into creating BrightPay was in the design of the user interface. BrightPay gives visual priority to the most common payroll tasks, and shows or hides various features only as they become relevant. When payroll is straightforward, BrightPay keeps it simple. When payroll gets complicated, BrightPay makes it easy.

  • Weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly and monthly payment schedules
  • Basic, daily, hourly and Statutory pay
  • Customisable additions and deductions
  • Pension schemes (including auto enrolment qualifying schemes)
  • Savings schemes
  • Attachment orders
  • Live calculation, with preview.
  • Starters and leavers
  • Print, email, and export payslips
  • Employee calendar
  • Holiday pay
  • All RTI submission types
  • Print P45, P60, P30 and P32 forms
  • Download and process P9, P6, P6B, SL1 and SL2 employee coding notices.
  • Flexible reporting
  • HMRC payments
  • ... the list goes on

It just works.

BrightPay works the way you want. It's incredibly flexible, letting you do what you need to do to run your payroll, no matter what type of employer you are or what your situtation is. There are no unecessary limitations or pointless restrictions on what you can do. It has proven to be a breath of fresh air for many customers who have switched from competing products.

  • Unlimited employees. No catch, no tiered pricing structures.
  • Run multiple payment schedules side-by-side with one-click access to any payment period.
  • Unlimited payments, additions and deductions on payslips. Just click Add, and you'll get another.
  • Any employee or group of employees can be reverted back or progressed forward in the payroll year at any time.
  • Print payslips on popular stationery or on blank A4/A5 paper.
  • Pay different employees on different dates.
  • Flexible reporting - you choose the information you want to see. Open multiple reports side-by-side. Save report templates.
  • The BrightPay user interface fills the application window, adapting to your PC's capabilities.
  • Free, unlimited support by phone and email.

Real Time Information. Real simple.

When implementing RTI support in BrightPay, we had two main goals: simplicity and flexibility. We have worked hard so you don't have to, and believe we have the best RTI implementation on the market. But don't take our word for it - try it yourself!

  • BrightPay has passed full HMRC recognition for all 2014/15 submission types.
  • BrightPay automatically creates Full Payment Submissions (FPS) as you progress through the payroll year.
  • Other submission types (NVR, EPS, EYU) can be created as required.
  • When a submission is due, BrightPay will let you know.
  • Unsent RTI submissions are automatically updated as you amend employee or payment details.
  • Multiple RTI submissions can be sent at once.
  • The information in each RTI submission is shown in a user-friendly, printable format.
  • BrightPay stores all HMRC communication logs, and relays submission errors back to you in a clear, user-friendly format.
  • BrightPay allows to to easily enter a 'Late Reporting Reason' for late FPS submissions.

Automatic Enrolment. Automatically.

Automatic Enrolment functionality has been elegantly integrated into BrightPay. Setting up your pension scheme, enrolling employees, issuing communication, making contributions and viewing reports – it's all seamless and simple. 

  • Full support for qualifying pension schemes offered by the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), NOW: Pensions, The People's Pension and Scottish Widows, including creation of enrolment/contributions CSV files.
  • Enter your staging date and BrightPay will automatically let you know when you need to enrol your employees.
  • BrightPay will assess your employees for you, and tell you what you need to do.
  • Enrol employees into a qualifying pension scheme.
  • Deferr your automatic enrolment duties by using a postponement period.
  • Process opt-out requests and issue contribution refunds.
  • Batch process multiple employees at once.
  • BrightPay generates tailored automatic enrolment letters and notices, ready for printing or emailing.

Payroll software you can trust.

BrightPay has achieved HMRC recognition for 2014/15 and has passed through our own vigorous internal testing regime. We have been developing payroll software for the past 20 years and you can benefit from all our hard work and experience.

  • Full HMRC recognition for 2014/15 basic payroll values. This means that BrightPay's calculations are known to be 100% correct for things like Statutory parenting pay (SMP, OSPP, ASPP, SAP), Statutory sick pay (SSP), PAYE tax, National Insurance contributions, Student loan deductions, pension scheme deductions and Attachment Orders.
  • Comprehensive application-wide validation prevents you from entering invalid information or carrying out invalid actions.
  • Reminds you about important actions you need to do, or changes you may need to make (for example, unsent RTI submissions, State Pension age, change of National Insurance table, and more) 
  • Lets you optionally password protect your data.
  • All internet communication is encrypted.
  • No hidden costs - BrightPay is a one-time purchase which includes free ongoing support.

What do our customers say?

I have been using BrightPay payroll for two years now in my payroll bureau. I find that it has all of the functions that other, more expensive, programmes have and a few more innovative and very useful functions. The programme works perfectly with RTI and in my 30 years of experience in preparing payrolls I find thatBrightPay is the best product that I have used. The support system is efficient and friendly and always willing to help. I would thoroughly recommend BrightPay to any business.

David Williams ACIPP
The Wages Room

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how impressed I am with the BrightPay payroll software. I am a programmer (as my real job) and use BrightPay in my additional role as general admin/dogsbody for my husband and brother-in-law's small family wine business. 

We've only been paying anyone since April - I tried a couple of other payroll systems first and found them clumsy, confusing and generally painful to use. Once I discovered BrightPay I suddenly stopped dreading the weekly payroll and wondering how on earth I would ever know if HMRC got our submission!

We're still tiny at the moment (1 employee!) so on the free version but when we do get bigger (which is hopefully going to be fairly soon) I am 100% sure that we will stick with your software.

Hopefully your team will appreciate the feedback - thanks again,

Gemma Jones
Brothers Wines

Thank you very much. Your level of customer service is outstanding and though I am a believer, unbelievable for a programmer. I have been using software since 1990 and must confess that this high level of professional, courteous and timely support is not very common. Please feel free to use my comments in your promotions or whatever. I stand by them because it's the truth.


Victor Ayoola, MSc, ACCA, CIMA Adv Cert MA
Chancelleur Consulting & Accounting Services

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Latest from the Blog.

Mar 15

Posted by
Ross Webster

BrightPay 2015/16 is Now Available. What's New?

BrightPay 15/16 is now available to download. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

2015/16 Tax Year Updates

  • 2015/16 rates, thresholds and calculations for PAYE, National Insurance contributions, Student Loan deductions, Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay, and Statutory Shared Parental Pay.
  • The emergency tax code has changed from 1000L to 1060L.
  • Support for the newly introduced National Insurance category letters for employees under 21 years old:
    • M – Standard rate contributions
    • Z – Deferred rate contributions
    • I – Contracted-out Salary Related standard rate contributions
    • K – Contracted-out Salary Related deferred rate contributions
  • Eligible employers can continue to claim the £2000 Employment Allowance which can be used to reduce Employer Class 1 Secondary NICs payments to HMRC.
  • Updated P11, P45, P60, P30 and P32 forms.
  • Updated RTI submissions in line with the latest HMRC specifications. BrightPay continues to be officially HMRC Recognised for all RTI submission types.


PAYE Coding Notices

BrightPay 2015/16 includes the ability to retrieve and process employee PAYE coding notices directly from HMRC (P9, PB, P6B, SL1, SL2).

To use this feature, ensure the notice options in your HMRC PAYE dashboard are all set to Yes. Only new coding notices issued after this instruction will be available for download.


Shared Parental Leave

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is a new legal entitlement for eligible parents of babies due (or children placed for adoption) on or after 5 April 2015. SPL lets parents choose either to have one parent take the main child caring role, or to share the child caring responsibilities evenly, depending on their preferences and circumstances. Unlike maternity/adoption leave, eligible employees can stop and start their SPL and return to work between periods of leave.

BrightPay 2015/16 has full support for Shared Parental Leave and Statutory Shared Parental Pay (ShPP).


Pensions and Automatic Enrolment

With the first wave of small employers (i.e. those with less than 50 employees) set to stage for Automatic Enrolment in January 2016, this tax year will be busy.

We first introduced support for Automatic Enrolment in BrightPay 2014/15, providing the ability to set up qualifying pensions schemes, assessment, postponement, enrolment, opt-ins, opt-outs, employee communications, and more. We have dedicated support for NEST, NOW: Pensions, The People's Pension and Scottish Widows.

In BrightPay 2015/16 we have improved Automatic Enrolment support and added several new features:

  • There is now a dedicated PENSIONS tab for setting up Automatic Enrolment in BrightPay, adding/editing pensions schemes, and exporting enrolment and contribution files.
  • Batch processing – multiple employees can now be postponed or enrolled (and as well as other actions) together in a single click. Multiple communications can be printed together.
  • Ability to override BrightPay's assessment of an entitled worker or non-eligible jobholder (e.g. if the employee's pay would normally put them in a different category).
  • Ability to continue enrolment from a previous tax year or continue enrolment from other payroll software.

We'll be continuing to update Automatic Enrolment during the 2015/16 tax year and provide dedicated support for more pension scheme providers.


Improved Reminders

For years, BrightPay has given reminders of important actions and detected potential data errors as you process your payroll. In 2015/16, we've improved the system to handle even more reminders and give much improved visual feedback.


New Start-up Window

Standard and Bureau users alike will benefit from the extra employer information included in the new BrightPay start up window:


Other 2015/16 Changes in BrightPay

  • Ability to batch print, email or export one or multiple payslips for a single employee.
  • Automatic prompt to create an EPS when recoverable amounts are detected in an HMRC payment.
  • A new summary of calendar events in the current period for the currently selected employee appears in the bottom right of main payroll screen.
  • Support for Direct Earnings Attachment orders.
  • New ability to set up an addition or deduction to repeat to a date beyond the current tax year.
  • Improved Statutory pay descriptions.
  • New ability to hide 'zero' payments, additions and deductions on printer (or emailed/exported) payslips.
  • Employer's HMRC Sender password is now securely masked in the BrightPay user interface.
  • Lots and lots of minor improvements throughout the entire BrightPay user interface, as well as the latest bug fixes.


BrightPay 15/16 is the same price as BrightPay 14/15 (including FREE for small employers with up to three employees). Support will continue to be free of charge for all users.

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