BrightPay: Cloud or Desktop?

This guide will help you decide whether you should use the new cloud version of BrightPay or the traditional Windows/Mac version of BrightPay.

Question 1

Are you an accountant/bureau that provides payroll as a service or an employer managing your own payroll?

Question 2

Do you currently use BrightPay for Windows/Mac?

Question 3

Do you currently use BrightPay Connect?

BrightPay Connect is an add-on to BrightPay for Windows/Mac that provides a cloud-based portal for employees and bureau clients. If you’re not sure, select No.


What's New In BrightPay Cloud Version?

BrightPay now uses the power and flexibility of the cloud to cater for the requirements of modern businesses in a way that has not ever been possible with our desktop software.

Access BrightPay from anywhere

Any location, any device. Simply log in with your Bright ID and pick up where you previously left off. No more installations, upgrades, sharing files or manual backup management.

Import from Windows/Mac

Fast and simple. Importing from a previous tax year Windows/Mac file quickly sets up BrightPay for the new tax year. Importing from a current tax year Windows/Mac file allows you to continue with the exact same data set.


Multiple team members can easily access the same data and can even work together on the same employer. BrightPay lets you know when you are in the same user interface area as another team member.

Monthly billing option

Keep your payroll costs in sync with your business’ revenue by paying monthly. If you want to pay annually up front, that’s still possible, and we’ll give you a discount.

Modern employee portal

BrightPay now provides an out-of-the-box employee portal that your employees can use to access their payslips and employment information.

Looks and feels like BrightPay

If it’s not broke, why fix it? BrightPay for Windows/Mac was an award-winning product with a clear and simple user experience. The new BrightPay looks and feels similar, following the same user-first philosophy.

New payroll features

We’ve already added new features that will not be available in BrightPay for Windows/Mac, and plan to add more. We’re ‘cloud-first’ going forward.

Secure infrastructure

You no longer have to worry about securing your own hardware or managing your own data storage and backups. BrightPay is hosted in ISO 27001 / SOC 2 certified datacentres powered by Microsoft Azure.