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BrightPay provides an import utility to bring across your company and employee details from a number of payroll packages including SAGE, IRIS, Moneysoft, 12Pay, Star, HMRC Basic PAYE Tools and many more.

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Reasons to Switch to BrightPay

There are so many payroll software providers today that sifting through them can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you, we have summarised the key reasons why you should switch to BrightPay today.

Payroll Software of the Year for 6 years and counting
99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Work from Home with Multi-User Remote Access
Trusted by 330,000 Businesses in the UK & Ireland
All licences include free phone and email support
Batch Payroll Processing for Bureaus
30 Years' Experience Creating Payroll Software
Online Self-Service Portals for Employers and Employees
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Pay Employees Directly through BrightPay

Preparing for your move to BrightPay

Moving from one payroll software to another can sometimes be a daunting task, but with preparation this does not need to be the case. To help with this preparation, we have put together the following guidance to assist you with the migration to BrightPay from a previous payroll software, including terminology and methodology used in BrightPay.

  1. Check if your current software allows the exporting of employee information via CSV or FPS 
  2. Allow yourself enough time
  3. Choose a convenient time to migrate to BrightPay
  4. Familiarise yourself with BrightPay's terminology
  5. Still have access to your previous software at time of import into BrightPay
  6. Run a parallel payroll with your previous software

It is important to be aware that there is some information that cannot be imported and needs to be set up manually in the payroll software when switching to BrightPay. 

Key points to note

The following information cannot be imported:

  • Pension schemes cannot be imported.
  • Calendar information cannot be imported.
  • Student Loan deductions Plans will need to be reselected.
  • Attachment Orders cannot be imported.
  • If you have previously claimed Statutory Payments you will need to enter this amount into the “Additional Amounts” section in the HMRC payments Tab.
  • Previous P30 information is not carried forward.
  • Logos cannot be imported.
  • Pay rates, Additions & Deductions cannot be imported.
  • P11D information is not carried forward.
  • Benefits are not carried forward.
  • Employment Allowance will need to be enabled in the software.

Step-by-Step Help Guides

BrightPay currently has dedicated support documentation to assist you with migrating to BrightPay from SAGE, IRIS, Moneysoft, 12Pay, Star, and HMRC Basic PAYE Tools. If you are migrating from another payroll software, please refer to our support documentation on importing using other software.

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