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BrightPay's team of polite and helpful payroll experts is available via phone or email, ready to respond to any issues, questions, comments or feedback you may have. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. Did we mention it's free?

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Call us on 0345 9390019*, email us at, or complete our online form.

Our support team is located in our Ashbourne office in the Republic of Ireland. It's comprised of UK payroll experts who are able to liaise directly with our developers.

* Phone support is available to Standard/Bureau customers only. While we don't charge for calls, please check whether your phone provider has an associated charge for 0345 numbers.

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Is support really free?

Yes! You will never catch us charging for expensive support packages or trying to profit from your need for help. We have been developing software for over 20 years and have always believed in free support. It's best for our customers and motivates us to create easy to use, problem-free software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BrightPay have HMRC recognition?

BrightPay has been tested by HMRC to check it can report PAYE information online and in real time (RTI), and has received full recognition for the current tax year.

As evidence, you can find BrightPay recorded on the HMRC payroll software listings.

How do I transfer my BrightPay software and payroll files to a new PC or Mac?

  1. Install BrightPay on your new PC or Mac. (If required, download the BrightPay installer here).
  2. Copy your BrightPay payroll data file(s) from your old computer to a USB drive. The data file(s) you need to copy will be named Employer Name.bpuk15 and are typically located in a subfolder of your documents folder called BrightPay. (If you are unsure where your files are located, just hover over the employer name on the BrightPay Open Employer screen and make a note of the location that will be displayed in the pop-up tooltip).
  3. On your new computer, navigate to your documents folder (or another location of your choice) and create a new subfolder  here named BrightPay.
  4. Insert your USB drive. Copy the data file(s) from the USB drive to the new folder you created in step 3. Once that's done, you can safely eject and remove the USB drive if you wish.
  5. Launch BrightPay on your new computer.
  6. Click the Browse button in the BrightPay startup window and navigate to the new folder you created in step 3.
  7. Select a data file and click Open. After opening each file, it will be added to your list of recent files for quick access in future.
  8. Remember to enter your BrightPay licence key on your new computer. A single licence key allows up to ten installations.

How do I update my software to begin a new tax year?

Every tax year we release brand new software in line with the new budgetary requirements. Thus, to move your payroll on to a new tax year, simply download the new tax year version of BrightPay that we release from our website. Once downloaded, this will install separately to your previous year’s software and you will see a new BrightPay icon appear on your desktop. Your BrightPay software for the new tax year will contain a seamless import facility to bring across your employee details from the previous tax year. In doing so, your previous year’s information will remain untouched and accessible.

We would like to set up BrightPay so that it is accessible to multiple users on different machines. Can BrightPay be installed on a server/network?

BrightPay employer data files can be stored on a shared network drive (or cloud drive) to be accessed by multiple PCs or Macs.

The BrightPay software application must be installed on each individual PC or Mac you wish to use to access the shared location. A single BrightPay licence allows for up to ten installations.

What training/support is available?

Online video tutorials can be found on our website at These tutorials cover the main functions of BrightPay and provide step-by-step guidance in using the software. 

Also on our website you will find a section called ‘Support’. Here you find comprehensive online documentation that is categorised into the various functions of the software. On selecting a category and a topic within them, simply view on screen or print if desired.

Our online support documentation can also be accessed from within the BrightPay software. Simply click function key F1 in a screen where you require help.

Are there any additional costs once I have purchased a licence?

BrightPay licences are priced per tax year, valid only for the tax year in question (as opposed to from date of purchase). New independent software is released every tax year in line with budgetary requirements, for which a new licence will be required should you wish to continue using BrightPay. Any budgetary or software upgrades required during a tax year for which you hold a licence will be provided free of charge.
All our software licences include free telephone and email support.

Payslips can be printed using BrightPay on to blank A4 or A5 paper, so there is no obligation to purchase specialist payslip stationery. For users who do wish to use payslip stationery, we have two types of payslip available for purchase:

  • Security payslips – a combined payslip and envelope in one
  • 2 per Page payslips - A4 payslip stationery perforated in the middle. Envelopes are also available for use with these payslips.