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COMP Studio Ltd

COMP Studio Ltd is a design studio founded in December 2015 and based in London. It was started by two product designers (Martin Price and Cemal Okten) who design and build projects for companies or individuals. We design and create objects, furniture and interior spaces from our studio. There are only two employees, the two directors of the company.

Payroll Criteria

For any startup, it's very important to monitor your expenditures and outgoings. The challenge for us was to find a payroll system which was simple to use, didn't cost very much (as money was tight) and fulfilled all the statutory requirements. Most of the payroll systems we looked at were very complicated and seemed more suited to companies with many payrolls or a large number of employees. When we found BrightPay we were impressed with the simplicity of use and also the many tutorials on a vast number of topics to help set up and run the payroll.

The fact that BrightPay offered a free service to companies with less than 3 employees really impressed us. As I had said, money was tight and this seemed to be a very good offer and extremely helpful to companies which are just starting out. Also the free service is not a cheap or limited featured version of their software but a proper payroll system with full functionality. BrightPay has proved to be easy to use and our payroll can be done in about 10 minutes each month. As it's so straightforward to use it leaves us free to concentrate on growing our business and making it successful.


Advantages of BrightPay

We are in our second year using BrightPay and it has proved to be as good a software system as we could have hoped for. It is extremely easy to use and customer service is excellent. The phone is answered quickly and the staff are very knowledgeable. Payslips are very clear and can be downloaded and emailed to staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies as a first class payroll package that delivers what it promised.


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