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Dunlop Accounting Services

Dunlop Accounting process payroll for 30 + clients. We have been trading since 1995 providing a complete payroll outsourced and bookkeeping service for business owners. We cover every aspect of payroll including; processing of wages (weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly), detailed pay slip for each employee, useful detailed management reports that are easy-to-read and tailored to suit your needs and more.

What did you want from a payroll solution?

We needed to find a cost effective solution for automatic enrolment. We spent months researching various payroll solutions until we finally came across Brightpay via AccountingWeb. Our existing payroll provider wanted to increase the prices so much that we had to make a move to save money. Also the customer support from our previous provider was getting worse - they never knew the answers.

We wanted to be confident in a payroll product but also it was important that we could rely on a knowledgeable and professional customer support service. The most important factors for us was the cost and ease of use. The payroll solution needed to fit our requirements. It needed to be flexible as all our clients had different payroll processes and required different information.

What do you like about BrightPay?

The customer support we received while trialing BrightPay was just brilliant. We had a really complex payroll client and needed to see if it could handle it. Brightpay booked us a support slot and we spent about 40 mins going through everything. We even offered in advance to pay for this support but they refused payment! It’s really fantastic that BrightPay offers free customer support especially when you are trying to get your head around a new system.

We needed to know that BrightPay was going to work for us!! Compared to our old software, it’s a breath of fresh air! It is so customer friendly and easy to use. Sadly, we lost a member of staff to a road traffic collision who ran our payrolls - Brightpay were very supportive in going over old ground with us, they were also very understanding when we got emotional on the phone line.

Favourite things about BrightPay?

We chose Brightpay as it's so adaptable. They actually listen to our concerns. We really like the ability to be able to email payslips. We also like being able to adapt reports to suit individual client needs. These reports can be set up and then saved as a favourite which is extremely useful. We think the price is fantastic. The fact that it is backed up with a free full support service is an added bonus. We find the online tutorials to be very useful too.

BrightPay is very cost effective. Our clients love the reports we send to them. The addition of a CIS facility is wonderful. We have also recommended BrightPay to a number of non payroll clients who do their own payroll. I wish I had found BrightPay years ago. I also wish BrightPay offered self assessment tax software as well. I would move to them straight away.


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