Case Study

It's Your Choice Ltd

It's Your Choice Ltd is a registered charity in the south of England set up in the 1988. We offer assistance to young people between the ages of 12-25 by providing confidential and free advice, support, guidance, and advice.As a youth charity we want to empower young people to make positive life choices and to be there providing help and support to prevent problems escalating into bigger concerns. We employ 17 members of staff mostly employed on a part time basis.

Business Challenge

As we are a registered charity getting value for money and reducing costs is always a priority. Our previous software was increasingly expensive. On the rare occasions when support was needed, we found the phone support was time consuming and frustrating. As a small organisation we were looking for a solution that was simple to use but provided all the requirements for payroll at a reasonable cost.


What Factors influenced your decision?

It was important for us that the payroll software included all the main payroll functions required by our organisation, also that it would be user friendly, and reduced the time taken to process payroll. We searched for a solution by asking as many other organisations of a similar size what software they used, asking various accountants for recommendations and searching the internet for reviews of payroll software that satisfy the requirements of HMRC. We also considered using the payroll software provided by our cloud based accounting system but at the time this software was newly released so I thought it was best to look at more established systems.

We decided to consider BrightPay as an option because it had received very good reviews. I tested the software in a variety of situations and it was able to deal with everything with ease. Transferring our existing data to the software was simple. We decided to reject our existing software because the annual support had become expensive, even though in three years we had only called once. BrightPay is better because it is easy to use, efficient and problem free and complies with HMRC. To add to this as a registered charity, BrightPay offers the software free of charge. Win, win!!


Why BrightPay for your Payroll?

The main reasons for choosing BrightPay are;

1. Totally fulfils our requirements
2. Easy to convert and move over
3. Simple to use and it is affordable

We really appreciated the help and advice given during our initial investigations by BrightPay support staff. It was very beneficial to us that BrightPay included free and full support.

We were very satisfied with the support team when we contacted them on one occasion. I think BrightPay automates payroll by retaining information from previous payroll periods, by emailing payslips, by submitting monthly returns and end of year reports to HMRC. We have not used automatic enrolment yet but this is scheduled for the beginning of the next financial year.


Favourite Things

I have only required the assistance of the support team once at the end/start of the new financial year and our problem was resolved promptly. I have over 20 years experience in accounting, payroll and book keeping for many small to medium organisations. During this time I have used a variety of payroll software systems. In my opinion BrightPay is currently the best payroll software provider out there.

The main benefits are;

1. Easy to convert
2. No expensive training required as the software is straightforward to use (some basic knowledge of payroll required)
3. Reduced the time associated with processing the monthly payroll
4. Leavers, starters, HMRC submissions and end of year processes are all straightforward.


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