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Naylor Accountancy Services

Naylor Accountancy Services work in close partnership with our clients to make their businesses grow. We are expert small business advisors and help our clients using the latest technologies such as Xero for accounting and bookkeeping and BrightPay for payroll and auto enrolment. We give our clients access to our years of expertise along with the option to outsource all their accounting needs including bookkeeping, management reporting and payroll.

What challenges in your business influenced you to look at BrightPay?

We were searching for new payroll software that was easy to use and manage but most importantly that was HMRC recognised. As the HR/ Payroll Manager the task fell on me to find the right payroll software that would fit in with our accountancy services.

I came across BrightPay on the internet. I researched further and found that BrightPay was very easy to understand, easy to manage and truly ahead of the times. Their tutorials are excellent and easy to follow. I signed up for one of their FREE webinars regarding Auto Enrolment and decided right there and then to go with them. BrightPay’s knowledge on current HMRC regulations are very current and concise.


What specific results have you seen from implementing BrightPay?

BrightPay is so user friendly that we can are now able to process our payroll and reporting in half the time. For us BrightPay enhances the HMRC reporting process and we can just run a YTD report when needed.


What features do you particularly like about BrightPay?

BrightPay is excellent software but I think the gem of the company is their Customer Service Team. It is the best I have encountered so far and my colleagues agree. Whether it is a phone call or an email, someone is always there to help you. I have asked for assistance from the very menial issue to the most complicated matters and not once did any of the support team make me feel inadequate. They are courteous and committed.

In a world that is becoming so distant and digital, it is truly refreshing to get such personal touch and their team and management must truly be commended to the highest level. It goes without saying that we look forward to continuing an excellent working relationship with them.


Does BrightPay save you time or money?

BrightPay definitely saves us time and money! BrightPay is very affordable and, as mentioned above, it has cut our payroll processing in half which gives our staff more time to do other assigned tasks.


How would you describe BrightPay if you were recommending it to a colleague?

BrightPay is the best payroll software I have ever seen. It is easy to understand even for employers with no previous payroll experience.

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