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Trendzer is a market-leading provider of web design, SEO Marketing and integrated Cloud services for SMEs. Our company partner up with major industry clients and adds value to their SME customer base by providing meaningful and engaging digital products and unlimited support.

Choosing Payroll Software

Trendzer was using a complex and clunky payroll solution that offered only paper payslips up until December 2014. As the company was changing directions, Finance Director, Jonny Nicoll, decided it was time that the payroll solution changed as well.

Trendzer’s finance team reviewed the different payroll providers out there. We wanted an automated solution that was user-friendly and easy to manage. After trialling a few systems, we decided BrightPay was the best solution out there: “BrightPay stood out to us as it was very simple to use and it had a clear, intuitive interface. When we had any questions we went to their online support team who helped us with my queries fast and efficiently.”


What are the benefits?

BrightPay gives us a simple payroll solution that is full of features, yet so easy to use. “With just a click of the button we can automatically send all our employees e-payslips for that month. As we all work in an innovative online environment, it speaks for itself that our staff really appreciated getting their payslips over email!” Jonny Nicoll explains: “It’s very straightforward to run and extract payment reports such as the HMRC real time information report.”

One of the other great benefits is the amazing free online support service. BrightPay offers various guides and tutorials online, and their support team is incredibly helpful and friendly. Last but not least, unlike some of the big players on the market, BrightPay offers an excellent benefit-cost ratio. We really get value for money with BrightPay.


Results from implementing BrightPay

We chose BrightPay to manage the payroll activities for our expanding employee base as it’s easy to use and saves time. We are saving a great amount of time using the automated email functionality within the payroll software. Rather than printing, folding, and sending payslips every month – all we need to do is click a button! Another benefit that comes with this that we are saving on print paper and ink, which is a small cost-saver but also great for the environment. All of our reporting processes have sped up significantly because of BrightPay, because of its flexible reporting possibilities.


Favourite feature of BrightPay

"It has to be simplicity of the software. After working with a software solution that was very complicated, working with BrightPay is a breeze. The month end process now takes much less time, saving me much frustration and the company money!”


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