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Recording Payments to HMRC

To assist users in determining their monthly/ quarterly payments to the HMRC, a dedicated reporting facility is available within BrightPay. 

To access this utility, select HMRC Payments on the menu toolbar.

When the 'HMRC Payments' tab is selected for the very first time, you will be asked to set your HMRC Payment Schedule. Choose Monthly or Quarterly, as per your requirements. 

A summary of your tax, NIC and student loan liability for the first month or quarter of the tax year will now be displayed on the screen.


Recording Payments to HMRC in BrightPay


1) If you have received any funding from HMRC in the month or quarter to refund tax to employees, enter this amount in the field provided within the Tax section.

2) If you have suffered any CIS deductions in this tax period, enter accordingly. 

3) If you have received any funding from HMRC to pay Statutory Pay, enter this amount in the field provided within the NIC section.

4)  If you qualify for the Regional Employer National Insurance Contributions (NICs) Holiday for New Businesses scheme and wish to record NIC withheld under this scheme, enter the amount withheld in the field provided.

5) At the bottom of the screen, the amount due to HMRC will be displayed. If you make a payment to HMRC for this tax period, enter this amount in the ‘Amount Paid’ field and enter your ‘Payment Date’. (Please note a date must be present in the ‘Payment Date’ field before you can view the next period).

6) If no payment has been paid for this tax period, simply leave the ‘Amount Paid’ field as zero and enter the last date of the tax period in the ‘Payment Date’ field. (Please note a date must be present in the ‘Payment Date’ field before you can view the next period).

7) Click ‘Save Changes’ to update the summary. 

After changes have been saved, both the P30 and P32 Employer Payments Record will be updated to reflect any amounts made to or received from HMRC in the tax period in question. 

If at any time you would like to switch your HMRC Payment Schedule from monthly to quarterly or vice-versa, simply click the ‘Switch’ button on the menu bar. Please note, however, that switching from one schedule to another will result in the loss of any amounts already entered in the previous schedule and will need to be entered again.


RTI Requirements


Under RTI, If you would like to recover statutory payments, CIS deductions suffered or any NIC holiday at the end of a tax month or quarter, an Employer Payment Summary (EPS) must be submitted to inform HMRC of the reductions you are entitled to make to the totals already submitted on your Full Payment Submissions.

For further assistance with creating and submitting an EPS to HMRC, please see the relevant help topic within the Support section.

Need help? Support is available at 0345 9390019 or

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