BrightPay & Modulr: Connecting Payroll & Payments

Tuesday, 7 December, 2021
1.00 pm
1 hour

Please note: This webinar is specifically designed for employers. Click here to find out more about Modulr for accountants and payroll bureaus.

BrightPay & Modulr for Employers

Payroll and payment workflows can be a headache for employers. Before now, the act of calculating payroll has always been separate from the act of settling the payroll.

That’s why BrightPay has partnered with Modulr, a payment platform, helping businesses that want a faster, easier and more reliable way to make payments to employees, subcontractors and HMRC.

In this webinar, representatives from both BrightPay and Modulr team up to explore what you need to know about making payments in BrightPay via Modulr.

What you'll learn:

  • Who are BrightPay & Modulr? 
  • The benefits of paying employees, subcontractors & HMRC directly
  • Paying HMRC: What you need to know
  • BrightPay & Modulr: The Payment Process  

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Webinar Information

This webinar takes place on 7th December at 1.00 pm and is specifically designed for employers. Click here to find out more about Modulr for accountants and payroll bureaus.

If you are unable to attend the webinar at the specified time, simply register and we will send you the recording afterwards.

BrightPay's Modulr integration is not available on BrightPay for Mac.