Corporate Responsibility

Thesaurus Software Ltd. is committed to, and recognises the value and importance of, high standards of corporate responsibility.

Policies & Procedures

Thesaurus Software monitors and reviews the effectiveness of our policies and procedures.

Information Security

  • Security Standards
    Thesaurus Software does not currently hold any data standards such as ITIL or ISO27001.
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
    2FA is currently reviewed within our organisation with a view to implementing where possible.
  • Network Monitoring
    Our networks are regularly PEN tested for any weaknesses or potential breaches.
  • Personal Data Breach
    We have implemented a personal data breach response procedure. We have procedures in place to notify individuals affected by a personal data breach.
  • Confidential Information
    Confidential Information is encrypted at rest on our network (and in transit). Confidential information is not stored on end-user workstations and portable devices.

Data Protection

  • Third Party Data Processors
    We maintain a register of third party data processors. A Data Processor Agreement is in place with all third party processors.
  • Confidentiality Agreements
    All staff, contractors and temporary workers with access to client, data are bound by confidentiality agreements.
  • Staff Training
    All Thesaurus Software staff have received training on data protection and information security. It is also included in the induction of all staff.
Privacy Policy Data Processor Agreement

Regulatory Issues

Has Thesaurus Software ever been subject to any litigation or claims for compensation in respect of a data protection offence? NO
Has Thesaurus Software ever been subject to any regulatory action or penalised by a regulator for any regulatory non-compliance, data protection issues, anti-bribery, corruption, tax evasion, anti-money laundering? NO