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Also, please note that our support staff are working from home and may answer your call in a sometimes chaotic home environment. We appreciate your patience.

Who we are

BrightPay is created by Thesaurus Software, a company with over twenty years of industry experience in the UK and Ireland. We are a team of passionate, highly talented, and super friendly individuals.

Our goal

As a team, our collective goal is to intelligently create, successfully deliver and professionally support the best payroll and HR software and services for SMEs in Ireland and the UK.

Our customers

Our products are in use by over 250,000 employers in the UK and Ireland. As a customer-focused company, we strive to look after each and every one of them.

The Directors

Photograph of Paul Byrne


Paul qualified as a chartered accountant back in the 80s. His hobby had always been coding and he was lucky to develop this in to a business in the early 90s with the launch of Thesaurus Payroll Manager. His mix of financial and IT skills together with the help of hugely talented individuals have brought Thesaurus Software to where it is now, a major provider of payroll software for both Ireland and the UK.

Photograph of Ross Webster

Ross Webster MEng

Ross is a highly competent software architect, programmer, graphic designer and user experience specialist. With a passion for innovation, Ross excels at creating software applications that solve real-world problems, simplify the complex, and delight customers.

The Team

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Holly Barrett

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Audrey Mooney

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Miranda Campbell

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Donna Walsh

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Denise King

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