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Northern Jack Specialists

Northern Jack Specialists Accrington is a hydraulic equipment manufacturer providing services. We specialise in garage hydraulic equipment.

Why did your previous software no longer meet your needs?

I previously used HMRC Basic PAYE Tool (BPT) but when auto enrolment came was introduced, BPT would not adapt or cater for my employer duties. I needed to look for another solution to help me process my automatic enrolment tasks for my employees. I wanted a simple and easy to use payroll system. Sage was recommended to me but I decided it was not for my small business needs as it was too expensive. I can only compare BrightPay to HMRC Basic PAYE tools as these are the only two payroll systems that I have used.


Why did you consider BrightPay as an option?

BrightPay was recommended to me by a customer of ours. They too are a small business and she had downloaded the BrightPay 60 trial. Our customer had said that she liked BrightPay and that it was easy to use. On her recommendation I decided to go with BrightPay and I bought it. I also find it easy to use.


What do you really like about BrightPay?

Bright Pay has fantastic telephone support. I find it extremely user friendly and the interface is easy to navigate and use. The auto enrolment process for me has been extremely stressful. I really needed help with the various duties I had to perform to comply with the law. I did phone the customer support on several occasions. They were patient and understanding with me and helped me understand the whole process better.

I think Bright Pay is really good value. I am pleased I bought it and I haven't looked at any other systems. I can have my wages (5 employees) completed in no time at all. I find BrightPay efficient and clear to use. It has saved me time and I feel confident when I have completed the PAYE that all is correct. I have recommended Bright Pay to several people and I tell them don't look anywhere else because Bright Pay is so good. I have needed help from your support about Auto Enrolment and they have been very, very helpful. I will certainly be renewing my BrightPay next year - no doubt about that. I wouldn't even consider looking at another system because I feel Bright Pay suits by needs.


Describe BrightPay as if you were recommending it to a friend?

All I can say is I have found BrightPay to be better that I first thought it would be. I am confident that my payroll is processed accurately. I find the way in which BrightPay sends the RTI information is so quick. You also get a confirmation that they have received it which is something that Basic PAYE tools didn't do. An important part of what I like about BrightPay is the excellent customer support. It's simple, just ring up - no long waiting times and you get help. I will continue to recommend Bright Pay to anyone who is thinking of a new PAYE system.


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