Case Study

Rogerstone & Bassaleg Joint Burial Board

Rogerstone & Bassaleg Joint Burial Board, (representing 2 Community Councils) which manages a local community cemetery. There is only one employee. As we only employ one person we were looking for payroll software that was very cost efficient.

Our Payroll Needs

We found that other market leaders were so expensive that is was not possible to consider purchasing them. The alternative of using a payroll bureau was equally expensive for just one person. After searching for HMRC approved payroll software, BrightPay was identified as being a distinct possibility.

Benefits of Choosing BrightPay

BrightPay is excellent value. In our case we can avail of free licence being an organisation with 3 employees' or less.
The main benefits that we found important were:

1. Cost
2. HMRC Approved
3. Ease of use
4. Technical support

BrightPay is cost effective option for the one person we employ. It is efficient, easy to use and has an excellent technical support team. It also offers cost saving advantages as we have the ability to undertake payroll in house compared with having to use external and costly payroll bureau. As it is easy to use it is also time efficient.

The program is well written and without confusing jargon. We find that it is easy to understand the different sections and sub-sections which is for me a huge advantage. Other payroll software systems, in my opinion, tend to increase the mystery that is payroll by putting too much information in front of you all at once.

Favourite Bits

The Technical Support is always available and they are very helpful. The support team helped me at year end and when I had a new PC. They assisted me to transfer my data so easily and without being patronising. They are so accessible which is something. I would and have recommended BrightPay software to many people that I meet, particularly those that are 'one man band' businesses. This software is ideal for them and for other larger businesses.

I will be renewing again next year as I have for the past 3 years with no reservation. I do hope to continue doing so. I feel that the other payroll software solutions that are on the market are in no way comparison to BrightPay. I definitely find that this payroll software is so easy to use, very self explanatory and straightforward. BrightPay is first class, it does everything that the more expensive software's do but without the excessive cost.


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