Case Study

The Rural Development Trust

The Rural Development Trust is based in and operates from South Lanarkshire’s rural area. We have a strong recent track record of developing and delivering projects that address rural issues in a strategic and effective manner. The company has been built around the principles of innovation, co-operation and collaboration, integration, sustainability, partnership and bottom-up project development.

Business Challenge

We decided to look for a new payroll as our previous payroll software provider was increasing the price to enable auto enrolment. We thought they were asking too much. Price played a major role in our decision to look elsewhere for another payroll solution. We felt that the additional charge for auto enrolment with the previous supplier was just too expensive.

We wanted a payroll solution that was reasonably priced and easy to use. We searched various solutions online and read reviews about the different options that were available on the market. BrightPay received good comments so we decided to take a look. A real plus for us was the fact that there was no additional charge for auto enrolment features. Compared to other payroll solutions on the market BrightPay looked like the answer. It certainly offered better value for money.



We choose BrightPay simply because of the value for money and ease of use. This offered significant business benefits especially if we compared BrightPay's price point to the other solutions on the market. Even though BrightPay is cost effective it can automate the payroll processes and it does everything we need. There is also quite a lot of time involved in processing automatic enrolment (AE). BrightPay makes auto enrolment compliance fairly easy and painless.

When we first moved over from our previous payroll supplier we contacted the BrightPay customer support. They helped us with importing data from the old supplier and into BrightPay. I have to say they were extremely helpful.


Key Benefits

BrightPay makes the entire process of auto enrolment really straightforward. Auto enrolment (AE) is so simple and the whole system is customer friendly. I recommended it to my accountant today and told him it was easy to use and at a good price with high quality support. We find BrightPay uncomplicated and we like the simplicity of the processing. It makes compliance fairly easy. It's just fantastic!!

BrightPay does take the pressure off when it comes to the process automatic enrolment. The software can automate the employee assessment and even produces the AE letters for each employee. I was able to easily email the AE letters to each employee which saved us time and hassle. Issuing payslips to employees is also very straightforward. A couple of clicks and I can email payslips straight through to all employees. Where relevant, employees can see their pension contributions and deductions on their payslip too. BrightPay offers better value compared to our previous supplier and we'd be happy to recommend BrightPay. You can actually save time and money.


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