Auto Enrolment

Auto enrolment is automatic for employees but it is not automatic for employers. BrightPay automates auto enrolment.

Auto Enrolment Overview

The workplace pensions law has changed forever. Employers across the UK must now enrol employees who meet certain criteria into a workplace pensions scheme and contribute towards it. This is called automatic enrolment. Employers who have at least one employee will have to carry out a number mandatory duties to fully comply with automatic enrolment.

By October 2018, all employers will be required to offer workplace pension schemes to eligible workers. Auto enrolment is automatic for employees but it is not automatic for employers. The employer duties include assessing employees, enrolment, communicating with all employees, ongoing employee monitoring, reporting and much more. Employers who decide to postpone will need to undertake a number of additional duties.

Automatic enrolment is a natural extension of the payroll process, making more sense for employers to process the majority of these duties within their payroll software. The Pensions Regulator recommends that you use payroll software that will cater for and handle the auto enrolment duties.


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Automatic Enrolment in BrightPay

BrightPay has developed comprehensive auto enrolment features to make it easier for users to process these new duties. BrightPay automates and streamlines the AE process, including employee assessment, enrolment (including batch enrolling), personalised auto enrolment letters/communications, postponement, opt-in requests, opt-out requests & refunds, employee monitoring & reporting and integration with various pension providers.

BrightPay provides auto enrolment functionality free of charge to all customers. Watch our video to see just how easy BrightPay handles automatic enrolment. To view a full list of BrightPay’s automatic enrolment features and functionality click here

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