Automatic Enrolment Pension Schemes

BrightPay allows you to create and export contribution files, and where relevant enrolment files. These files are customised to each individual pension provider for easy upload.

Auto Enrolment Workplace Pension Schemes

BrightPay is currently compatible with 18 auto enrolment workplace pension providers. BrightPay allows users to create and export contribution files and where relevant, enrolment files. These files are customised to each individual pension provider. BrightPay also supports many types of traditional pension schemes, which may or may not qualify for auto enrolment (check with your workplace pension provider). 



Please note, Trust Pensions can also be used for BlueSky Pensions, Strawberry Workplace Pensions, Lighthouse Pensions Trust and Fairstone Pensions Trust.

Book a BrightPay Demo today or watch the tutorial videos to find out how BrightPay works with any of these pension schemes.



API Integration with Pension Providers

BrightPay offers direct API integration for Aviva, NEST, The People's Pension and Smart Pension. An API (Application Program Interface) is a time saving feature in BrightPay where users can submit their workplace pension data from within the payroll software directly into the pension provider. As a leading payroll software provider, we understand the importance of streamlining your automatic enrolment processes. The API integration allows BrightPay users to send their pension data with one click.

Without the help of an API, users are required to export and save their workplace pension data file, log into their pension provider's web portal and finally upload the file for their pension scheme. This manual process is still the case with other pension providers. However, there are a number of leading automatic enrolment pension providers that are due to release their own API integration facility very soon. BrightPay is committed to working with these key pension providers to offer as many API integrations as possible for the benefit of our customers.

BrightPay & Aviva API
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BrightPay & NEST Web Services
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BrightPay & The People's Pension API
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BrightPay & Smart Pension API
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