The People's Pension Integration with BrightPay

BrightPay Integration with The People’s Pension

BrightPay offers direct integration with The People’s Pension. This integration directly links both the payroll software and pension provider together so that users can seamlessly submit pension files to The People’s Pension from within the BrightPay payroll software.

With just one click, users can instantly submit the enrolment and contribution files the The People’s Pension, without the need to export the file, login to The People’s Pension portal and upload the file. Ultimately, this payroll and pension integration allows users to streamline the data file submission process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Along with The People’s Pension API, BrightPay includes direct pension integration with NEST, Aviva and Smart Pension. For other pension providers, BrightPay provides the ability to create enrolment files in csv format, ready for upload to the pension provider. Click here for a full list of supported pension providers.

Click here for a full list of BrightPay’s auto enrolment features. Book a BrightPay Demo today to find out how BrightPay works with The People’s Pension or watch the tutorial videos below.


Video Tutorial: Setting up a pension scheme in BrightPay for The People’s Pension

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The People’s Pension

The People’s Pension is one of the largest master trust workplace pensions in the UK. It’s a simple, flexible and portable workplace pension for employers of all sizes and from all sectors.

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