Introducing BrightPay's Cloud Backup & Self Service Add on

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BrightPay Connect - Online Automatic Backup and Self-Service Portal

BrightPay Connect is an add-on cloud product for BrightPay Payroll which allows users to connect their BrightPay Payroll employer data to a web based portal. BrightPay Connect will provide the following features:


BrightPay Connect - Payroll

BrightPay Connect does not have the ability to process payroll. This function is only available through the BrightPay Payroll desktop application. However, both BrightPay Payroll and BrightPay Connect are integrated and directly linked to access payroll information.


BrightPay Connect - Pricing

For a single employer, BrightPay Connect costs £49 + VAT per tax year. This price includes cloud backup, employer dashboard and the employee self service portal for all employees. For bureau customers who have multiple payroll clients we offer bulk discounts for several BrightPay Connect licences.


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