BrightPay Connect: Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to introduce BrightPay Connect to my clients?

BrightPay Connect can be introduced and rolled out to your clients at any time of the year, it does not have to be in line with the new tax year. Once all parties are up and running on Connect, both clients and their employees will have access to payroll data for the year-to-date, as well as historical date if you make it available.


How do I introduce BrightPay Connect to my clients?

Introducing a new concept to clients can be tricky but also exciting. To help bureaus present the new offering to clients BrightPay has created a useful document, Getting your clients on board.


Will my clients be able to make changes to the payroll?

No, neither your clients or their employees will be able to make changes to the payroll. They will simply be able to view finalised payroll data. Employees will be able to amend personal details such as address and contact details, they will also be able to submit holiday requests, any changes put through by the employee will need to be approved by the employer first before flowing through as a payroll update.


What are the benefits?

BrightPay Connect offers a variety of additional benefits for the payroll bureau, the client, and the client’s employees. For further details on the benefits click here.


Is the data stored securely?

BrightPay Connect is built using a compartmentalised design structure that maximises security. Each user will have their own login details and password. BrightPay Connect utilises the Microsoft Azure platform to give our customers reliability, scalability, data redundancy, geo-replication and timely security updates out of the box.