Benefits of BrightPay Connect for Bureaus

BrightPay’s latest add-on, BrightPay Connect, works alongside the BrightPay Payroll application that sits on your desktop. BrightPay Connect introduces powerful new online features, by linking your payroll data to the cloud, whilst the payroll itself continues to be processed as a desktop application. This optional cloud add-on offers a range of benefits for your bureau, your clients and your clients' employees.

Benefits for Payroll Bureaus 

Secure Automatic Cloud Backup

BrightPay Connect will automatically backup a payroll file every 15 minutes when BrightPay is open and again when BrightPay is closed down. A chronological history of all backups will be kept online which can be restored at any time. Never worry about losing your client's payroll data again. This also protects the payroll data against ransomware and similar threats.
Reduced Administration Work

Payroll documentation and reports that have been set up and saved on the BrightPay desktop application will automatically be synced to BrightPay Connect and will be available to log in and view. This includes payslips, periodic reporting, P60s, and P45s. Using the password protected self-service portal, your clients and their employees will be able to login online to view their payroll data. This will eliminate the administrative work and time it takes to send these documents to clients and their employees each pay period.
Up-to-date Employee Information

Your clients' employees have the ability to log in to their own personal online portal. This self-service portal allows employees to submit holiday requests, log leave, and amend their personal details such as their phone number and address. Any changes to employee details must be approved by your client. Once approved, the changes will sync back to BrightPay on your desktop. This means you will always have up-to-date, accurate information to hand as both the payroll and BrightPay Connect will be synchronised. 
A New Revenue Stream

BrightPay Connect users are billed on a monthly subscription, based on usage where you only pay for what you use. The usage subscription model is based on the number of active employees in the billing month. For bureau customers, the total number of active employees is calculated across all clients that you linked to Connect (not on a client-by-client basis). Bureaus will receive a breakdown of the number of employees per client and how the bill was calculated.
Value Added Service Offering

BrightPay Connect offers additional impressive and innovative features for your clients. The cloud portal acts like an in-house HR system, streamlining many internal administrative duties. Showcase your payroll bureau’s forward thinking expertise and skills and stay ahead of the curve.
Bureau Branding

BrightPay Connect allows you to add your own bureau or firm logo to boost the visibility of your brand and enhance client relationships. Every time your client uses their BrightPay Connect with your logo and name attached, they will associate it with convenience and quality, increasing their loyalty to your payroll bureau. 

Benefits for Your Clients 

Instant Access to Payroll Data

Clients get 24/7 access to their employees' payslips and other payroll reports. This will remove the risk of confusion as clients no longer need to ask for payroll reports or missing payslips. Clients can also view an employee leave calendar, which is automatically synced back to BrightPay on your desktop, eliminating the need for them to send you annual leave records for employees. BrightPay Connect will ultimately promote and enhance a strong working relationships while eliminating manual processing for both you and your client.
Easy to Use

BrightPay Connect is extremely easy to use and set up. There is no software to download or payroll data to input, everything is automatically available for your clients. Clients can just log in to their own password protected portal anytime, anywhere. If required, senior employees or managers can be given different levels of administration to approve leave, change employee details, view employee payslips, and access payroll reports.
A HR Solution

The employer self-service portal has built-in features giving your clients a ready-to-go and easy to use HR solution. HR documents can be uploaded including employee handbooks and contracts, disciplinary documents, company newsletters, training material and more. Clients can also manage all leave for their employees. These features will automate and streamline many of the day-to-day HR functions that your clients deal with.

For more information see BrightPay Connect: A HR Solution
Annual Leave Management

Clients will have full visibility of how much leave an employee has taken, the number of annual leave days remaining and how frequently they are on sick leave. BrightPay Connect allows for your client to view each employee's holiday profile making it easier to manage annual leave requests. Clients can authorise annual leave requests and view a company wide employee calendar. This allows clients to effectively plan their staffing resources and easily plan ahead to make sure they have sufficient staff cover available at all times.
Easy Access to Payroll Reports

Any payroll reports that have been saved on BrightPay on your desktop are automatically available to the client on their employer dashboard. Clients can access and view historic and up-to-date payroll reports online anytime. Your clients P30 details will be available and will also include a record of the HMRC payments that are due.
Up-to-date Employee Records

BrightPay Connect can store all staff and personnel records securely in the cloud. Employers can easily approve any employee requests to update personal details, such as postal address, phone numbers and emergency contact details. Any changes to an employees' contact details are then synced back to the BrightPay payroll application on your desktop. 

Benefits for Your Clients' Employees

Employee Self-Service Dashboard

Employees can access their own personal online payroll portal which is securely password protected. Here employees can view and retrieve their historic payslips and other payroll documents such as a P60, P45, P11d, as well as auto enrolment communications. These documents can be exported to PDF and printed.

Employees will have the option to download their payslips from BrightPay Connect. Payslips are automatically added to the employees’ self-service portal each pay period. This eliminates the need to print or email payslips to employees. It also reduces the need for the employee to ask for missing payslips or if they need 6 months worth of payslips, if they are applying for a mortgage or loan, for example. Employees can view their payslips online, 24/7 using their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. 
Employee App

The BrightPay Connect self-service app introduces powerful features providing a digital payslip platform where employees benefit from secure access anytime, anywhere, using their smartphone or tablet. The employee app is available to download for free on any Android or iOS device. Through these app features, you can provide your employees with access to GDPR compliant self-service tools, a payslip library and a user-friendly holiday leave management facility.

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Annual Leave

Employees can request annual leave through their self-service portal. They can also view all leave taken and how much annual leave is remaining. Once the leave is approved by the employer, it will be automatically added to the employee’s calendar.


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