Sustainability and Responsibility

Over the last 30 years, we have always acted in a socially responsible way in all that we do. 

Today, over 320,000 employers, and growing, use our software to pay their employees across Ireland and the UK. In the last year alone, we have increased are staff numbers by over  40%. Our continued growth has renewed our commitment to contribute to a better society through being a trusted partner for our communities, customers, stakeholders, and our employees. To achieve this, we will always act in an ethical, socially and sustainable manner and comply with applicable laws.



Minimising our impact on the environment in a responsible and ethical manner.

Thesaurus Software Limited takes environmental responsibility seriously and is committed to developing our business towards ecological sustainability at both company and individual level. We are extremely excited to be opening our new carbon efficient offices in 2021. Read more


Finding, supporting and developing great people.

Without our fantastic team of committed, driven employees, Thesaurus Software would not be where it is today!

We are committed to supporting our employees in getting the most from their careers. Learning and continuous development is at the centre of what we do and ensures we are all continuously growing, professionally and personally. Our workplace is a safe and inclusive environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Equal opportunities are promoted for all employees as we strive to create as diverse a workforce as possible. Read more.


Supporting others is what we do. That is why we are so committed to supporting others in the communities where we operate.

We recognise the we have the ability to make a positive contribution to communities. We partner with and offer support to local charities and sport groups, including free payroll licences to registered charities. We encourage our employees to get involved with their local communities and use their skills and where possible the Company’s resources to help create mutual benefit. Read more

Positive Relationships

Building positive relationships with customers and suppliers.
As much as we are a software provider, we are a customer service provider. We are extremely proud of our customer satisfaction rate of 99%. Read more.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity and transparency in all business dealings. Our values are embedded in our key policies which act as our guides when making business decisions.

Thesaurus Software continuously monitors and reviews the effectiveness of our policies and procedures.