Connect Testimonials

BrightPay Connect was a breath of fresh air when we moved to it 4 years ago, purely for processing payrolls. In the last 2 years we have embraced Connect for all our clients and they love it! The reporting, holiday requests, document communication, the whole lot! In this last 12 months the support from BrightPay around calculation and reporting of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been invaluable and very much welcomed.

Samantha Nelmes , LilyIris Accounting Ltd

BrightPay Connect, oh my goodness, not only do we love BrightPay Connect, but our clients’ and their employees love it too! One of our clients is new to BrightPay Connect this year so he asked for instructions to be emailed to the staff. I emailed them out within about 10 minutes but it was already too late; the employees had already got themselves up & running. If that’s not a testimonial to how easy it is to use, I don’t know what is!

Annamarie Angell , Deadline Accounting Ltd

The connect self-service platform is fantastic for delivering reports and payslips by secure means. I would highly recommend it.

Michael Wilson , Meiring Chartered Certified Accountants

I've got to say BrightPay Connect is one of the best payroll portals I have used! I really like the new documents feature and I have been using it quite a bit recently. I'm really looking forward to the timesheet function too.

Kevin Waller , Strutt and Parker LLP

I moved over from Iris and the difference in quality of software, ease of use and support has been excellent. I should have moved across a long time ago. Features such as cloud access for backup, leave management and employee access are superb.

Wasif Khan , WK-Dent Ltd

BrightPay is so user friendly it is popular with both clients and my internal staff. You can pick it up and start working on your payroll in a very short space of time. I store my data files in the cloud and BrightPay give you the full power of a desktop application with the flexibility of access that comes with a full cloud product, which is an ideal way to work.

Glenn Martin , Avery Martin Accountants

So glad I signed up to the cloud backup... worth every penny. Just had computer problems and had to reinstall my hard drive having lost everything. Once I downloaded BrightPay again it was easy to get everything back where It was before.

Lynn Littlewood , Hair Tech Dorset Ltd

I've just had a little play with your new 'Requests' feature. Oh my goodness, do you know how utterly fabulous it is? I've loved your software since I was introduced to it but this is a game-changer. I appreciate it's still in BETA but I am so excited about using it, I can't wait! This new feature is going to make such a big difference. Thank you so much BrightPay, you're amazing!

Annamarie Angell , Deadline Accounting Ltd

We've just completed our first payroll submission purely through the 'Request' process - marvelous!

Huw Moseley FCCA , Link Accounting

BrightPay Connect has been very helpful in ensuring that the firm is GDPR compliant.

Ash Parekh , Gates Freedman & Co

This is our first year using BrightPay Connect and we are so pleased with it as it has enabled us to automate more in the way reports and payslips are delivered to our clients. Really love the approval feature. Well done!

Bharat Hathi , BdH Chartered Certified Accountants

We moved to BrightPay because we wanted an online portal for our clients' employees to be able to access their payslips. The service is cost effective and easy for non-techie people to use.

Annamarie Angell , Deadline Accounting Ltd

After trying numerous payroll softwares, I have settled with BrightPay. Easy to use and efficient. Their connect platform provides transparency between employees and employers.