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Great service on the webinar. Very Knowledgeable staff. Having started to use the Pension tool with in BrightPay previously, this helped clarify each step as well as giving further knowledge and procedures to be compliant for all parties.

Gillian Turner

Well worth the time spent!

Martin Rackham

This webinar is very interesting and professional.

Eugene Okonkwo

Very useful; cleared up quite a few questions that I had around AE.

Colette Eccles

This was a really useful mix of context and hand-on guidance, appreciated the time allowed for Q & A.

Jonathan Wort

Fantastic webinar with great topics covered and great to see BrightPay linking in with NEST and TPR in one session!!

Samantha Skyring

The webinar was excellent and brilliant. Well done.

Emmanuel Davis

Really informative and helpful webinar, helping me to decide on how to develop my business services in Payroll & Auto Enrolment. Thank you !

Rachel Hibbert

Brilliant presentation. Hits the nail on the head. Highly recommended

Ily Maisanda

The webinar presentation was straight to the point and in a practical sense. This was a plus, it help to connect with the speaker being real people, real situations and not just theoretical. Also good advice on how to implement and put their suggestion to practice were given. All in all a very good presentation. Thank you!

Patricia Balogun

The topics were well presented and the presenters were excellent.

Michael Oyewobi

Very informative and useful webinar to prepare us for our staging date.

Nicola Morris

BrightPay's Auto Enrolment training webinar provides an excellent overview and is effective both as an initial and top-up training resource. Despite being web based it still provides effective interactive facilities. It also qualifies as CPD which is a bonus.

Mel Sims

Very professional webinar with sufficient information to help me continue with the AE process - well worth the two hours!

Peter Whiting

Very informative delivered in a clear way, easy to follow!

Kim Lee

The webinar process is a good way of making me sit down and concentrate on how AE will work. The content was very clear and comprehensive.

Mary Tavernor

Very useful information and nice to see BrightPay addressing all areas in a simple to understand way.

Louise Smith

Very clear and informative

Deborah Wickes

This is a good way to receive short training modules. Being able to choose your own location, make your own preferred refreshment and still get professional training is ideal in today's busy world. Access to the presentation and a recording after the event is also very useful for a quick re-cap.

Gabrielle Joyce

Webinar was extremely helpful - thank you!

Maureen Merriot

The seminar was clear and well presented. The knowledge of subject was good and it was very informative, thank you.


Fantastic auto enrolment training webinar for payroll bureaus today provided by BrightPay. Lots of detail covered in a clear and concise way. Plenty of time for Q&A session at the end which was really useful. Thanks guys.

Emma Fone

Was really glad I took the time to view the webinar - it has given me a lot of food for thought! Thank you!

Pennie Barker

That is one of the best webinars I have seen

Alan Freeman

Absolutely brilliant. Flawless as always. Thank you so much.

Christina Dolbear

Really good and very thorough

Chris Hitchcock

Very informative and helpful.

Saqib Usman

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Appreciate the use of cameras as well as the slides.

Stephen Palmer

My first ever webinar! The instructions were clear, well timed reminders and the technology worked smoothly. Great information pitched at the right level on a subject that has many pitfalls and can be onerous both in time and financially if you miss deadlines etc.

Lisa Millman

Brilliant Webinar today on auto enrolment – really useful…

Leon Savage

Great knowledge imparted in a clear manner - and no sales pitch - a good price as well.

Joanne Price

Very informative and helpful

Susan Hibbitt

Satisfactory introduction to BrightPay's auto enrolment integration and cloud services. As with Payroll, the cloud has a very strong user interface.

John Ayton

The presenters were excellent, with clear and concise explanations at a steady pace. All questions from participants were answered succinctly. Many Thanks.

Martin Nicholas

Made it sound so much simpler than a course I went to a year ago!

Sally Dunlop

All presenters were brilliant and they helped me massively

Nicola Richardson

Excellent and clear webinar with regards to Auto Enrolment

Suzanne Proctor

The presenters were very good in explaining and demonstrating the Automatic Enrollment process. I have learnt a lot that I feel I will be able to confidently support my clients with their AE.

Joanna Goodridge

Found this webinar very informative and the presenters to be very knowledgeable.

Lorraine Nolan

Very well presented and professional

Christine Akintaro

Excellent very informative webinar.

Samantha Taylor

The webinar was informative and directly related to everyday issues.

Anne McManus

This is an excellent way to learn more about Employers obligations and an hour is ideal time to set aside in one's busy schedule without having to leave the premises.

Majella Friel

An informative and well presented webinar

Henry Williamson

This is the way ALL legislation should be presented - simple yet comprehensive

Donal McNeela

I am so glad I took the time out to do this session today as it has been most informative and look forward to attending more sessions.

Majella Friel

As usual the information was delivered in an easily-understood manner and both speakers stuck to relevant information.

John Breen

I found the presenters to be well versed and answered the questions concisely. They covered all the topics I was interested in. Was well worth listening to.

Catherine Monaghan

My first webinar! It was great not having to travel for the information

Eileen Mc Williams

I am glad I registered for webinar and look forward to attending more in the future

Pauline Ross

I just want to say that I find your webinars very helpful and informative. I am very inexperienced in UK payroll, and it's such a relief to know that I can depend on BrightPay to keep me right.

Goretti Kiernan

Informative and concise. I feel more confident about utilising the software to assist us in supporting our clients with their AE requirements.

Tina Middleton

Very useful guidance to auto enrolment requirements.

Roger Lewis

The webinar was extremely useful in terms of both technical information and food for thought! I fully expect that the webinar will influence daily practice in the future.

Paula Smith

Although I have done extensive research on AE and the implications it has on my payroll bureau I found that this webinar underpinned my knowledge and has made me feel more confident about my first client going 'live' next month after their three month postponement, so thank you for that

Jackie Payne

Useful overview of AE and how BrightPay can manage the process

Simon Bell

Useful concise summary of what Auto Enrolment means for employers and a demonstration of the tools within the BrightPay software to manage this process

Hilary Hayes

Very good webinar - make time to watch it!

Lindsay Geach

I found the webinar very useful, not having to travel to attend the course was great. Thank you.

Mary Blundell

It gave me confidence in my prior knowledge that we as business are doing things correctly, and AE isn't as complicated as it first seems.

Ben Phillips

I attend the webinars provided by BrightPay wherever possible as they contain all the relevant information required by me as a business adviser. 

Janice Sherrard

Very good and informative, thank you!

Julie Houghton-Carey

My first online course and I found it very helpful. Looking forward to more in the future.

Beatrice O Riordan

My first webinar experience was very useful in demonstrating the demands and complexities of auto enrolment. Excellent material to refer back to as well.

John Ashby

I found it very informative. The pace was good and it was helpful to have a couple of short breaks.

Richard Preedy

Very useful webinar. I am reassured that AE will not be difficult to implement and that BrightPay has it well covered.

Tracey Robbins

It was very useful to have a clear presentation of the material discussed. This allowed for a few grey areas to be enlightened. Many thanks!

Dorian Allcock , Abacus

The webinar content was very good, Auto Enrolment is a minefield and to try and get it across in couple of hours is hard. Although the presenters did an excellent job.

Lindsey Rosling

What a wonderful Webinar. I do feel that BrightPay is the provider that will grow rapidly (which they deserve) as they seem anxious to impart information to their clients for their clients benefit and this information is given in an intelligent and understandable manner. Excellent.

Jennie Buckworth

I found this to be very beneficial as a self employed person with two employees - there was a lot of information to take on board.

Claire Farrell

Very up to date current information delivered in a bite sized memorable manner. - Brilliant!

Donal McNeela

The webinar was concise and informative, thank you

Cherry Matthews

Good informative presentation

Laurie Parker

An informative webinar, with a generous amount of time to take questions. All questions were answered fully and very professionally

Linda West

This webinar was informative and very well presented. Yet another first for BrightPay!

Judith Honeybun

As usual, practical information given in a straightforward, easily understood, method.

J. V. Breen & Company

Thank you for your very informative presentation and was happy to join from my desk.

Phil Cuffe

Seminar was very informative and indeed comforting on an area that is an utter minefield for many clients.

Donal Donovan

Very informative webinar and question and answers section was handled well by the speakers today

Darren Finnegan

Very interesting and informative.

Rosemary Haughney

Well done on this seminar. Now I don't feel as much fear in being able to talk about this topic to my clients.


Very complete and wide ranging, A good resource

john Monahan

This webinar was very useful and I would recommend brighpay software for employers

Aliz Nagykeri

Excellent webinar, delivered in a very efficient manner and easy to undersatand

Mary Fitzmaurice

Please can I take this opportunity to thank you and the Bright Pay team for holding the seminar. I have attended a few run by various accountants but none have been so clear and informative as yours.

Bridget Busfield

As usual with Brightpay - clear, useful, and well presented. Thank you!

Peter Atkinson

Very informative and easy to follow

Jennie Buckworth

This webinar contained masses of useful information - I will be reviewing the slides at my leisure.

Beryl Campbell

Timely and highly informative as we head towards our client AE period

Chris Dixon

All the information given went into great detail and answered any questions which I previously had.

Jan Rolls

Great webinar. Very knowledgeable and pleasant presenters.

Ashley Griffin

The webinar today was perfect, it provided all necessary information needed for Auto Enrolment and really showed how simple it can be while using BrightPay.

Ben Phillips

Very informative. Thank you.

Rosalyn Humphries

Today's webinar about Automatic Enrolment has been very informative. It has helped to clear up a lot of confusion about what I can help provide employers with and the process. Thanks BrightPay!

Tracy Peart

Excellent, covered all points in a simple yet conclusive way

Kathleen Muffett

An excellent webinar, which give me the confidence to get ready for my staging date.

Joanne Lavery

I found the webinar very informative. The pace was good and it was helpful to have a couple of short breaks.

Richard Preedy

It was informative and cleared up a lot of apprehensions I had about the AE and what responsibilities the employer has.

Derek Sharp

I would like to thank you for all the information. There was a lot of information and this is all new to me and I will be re-watching this webinar a few times to get a full understanding of all the new information. I would also like to thank you for your time and if there is anymore of these I would definitely attend.

Claire Farrell

A lot covered so I found it helpful to have the slides printed for reference and to make further notes on.

Susan Megahy

The clear and concise notes will be a useful source of reference going forward.

Karen Davis

Very helpful and informative overall.

David Harte

Useful and made the process clearer and less daunting.

Sarah Kingswell

First webinar I have 'attended' and better than I thought. Tea breaks appreciated!

Julie Mallard

Excellent advice and information provided for small businesses who do not necessarily have the resources to devote a lot of time or money to this area.

Maria Behan

Thought it was clear, concise and well presented

Tom Bradley

Found this Webinar today extremely informative.

Bernie Donohue

It is a great way to up skill and update your knowledge and would highly recommend it. Well done.

Noreen Fitzgerald

I found this way of being informed very good as I do not have to leave my office...Many Thanks

Cathy Goaley

Very professional, very informative. a great way to get lots of interactive information without having to leave the office

Avril Mcteigue

I would find it difficult to improve - Excellent content and excellent presentation

Jennie Buckworth

Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation - and from the comfort of my home!

Judith Honeybun

Always enjoy BrightPay's webinars and enjoy using BrightPay and of course the brilliant customer service I have received.

Lorraine Foster

The webinar was very good. Information provided was brief and to the point. I am glad I decided to participate in it.

Katarzyna Glebocka

Enjoyed the experience of webinar - Explanation on subject in question very helpful - makes you realise where you are going wrong

Tracy Gaughran

Excellent webinar and very informative

John McCarthy

Presenters are excellent and very hands on with Q & A

Mary O'Dwyer

I think it covered all that was needed and was just the right length. Good idea to have a break midway.

Sue Hanley

A useful webinar that gave us valuable information.

Lynda Bramley

Thanks for the great #AE webinar @BrightPayUK


Very good webinar. Worth attending.

Sam Merchant

I learned a lot from today's webinar. I'll definitely tune in to the next one ! Thank you very much

Shirley Harty

Good informative and useful. Thanks

Carl Wright

A really enjoyable webinar and made AE through BrightPay look easy.

Elaine Botfield

Today's Webinar provided factual information to assist with the practical implementation of AE to ensure our clients are fully aware. Very good - Thanks.

Geoff Bayliss

It was a brilliant informative session, answering some pertinent questions about AE.

Abimbade O Ewetade

Excellent webinar. A must attend if you are thinking of providing AE services for your clients.

Shafraz Abubakar

Very useful webinar. Loads of information provided.

Imelda Keturkaite

Very clear webinar, not too much or too little information. Well structured.

Yusuf M Vantra

I found this webinar very professional and helpful

Declan Magennis

Very interesting and helpful webinar on a hot topic of great concern to us as accountants and payroll providers.

Penny Rowden

This was a very helpful, clear overview of Automatic Enrolment, with clear helpful slides to refer back to. Thank you.

Yvonne Smith

The presentation was run professionally and the presenters were very knowledgeable. If they did not know anything they were prepared to say so and would investigate further

Kim Stewart

The webinar was very useful and simplified the whole nightmare of Auto Enrolment for small companies. Demonstrations of the software available and its ability to handle auto enrolment were excellent.

Pat Beavan

A fantastic webinar on Auto Enrolment, covered every aspect of this mind blowing scheme ! The presenters spoke clearly and had a wealth of knowledge. I would certainly recommend BrightPay webinars to anyone.

Helen Willmot

Clear concise presentation that explained Automatic Enrolment in a few points supported by visuals and professionals. Highly recommended.

Alain Dastros

Very informative and easy to understand

Wendy Ryle

The webinar was very informative. It gave me more in-depth knowledge about Auto Enrolment processes and stages

Richard Asare-Boapeah

It was very concise, professionally given, the notes attached to it were excellent and I felt much happier about the whole topic by the end of the webinar.

Jennie Buckworth

Having never taken part in a webinar l was unsure as to what to expect. The presentation was very professional, clear and very informative, the Q&A session was also very constructive. Thank you so much.

Lindsay Chater

The webinar was a great help and clarified the process step by step. Thank you guys!

Margot Clarke

Auto-enrolment is a minefield and there's so much to think about that a clear step by step explanation was fantastic.

Really appreciated being able to download and print off the presentation slides for future guidance and support. Very reassuring and informative.

Margot Clarke

Excellent webinar, the people from BrightPay are really helping their clients with the complexities of auto enrolment.

Robert Hopson

Things are a lot clearer now, thanks to the Auto Enrolment webinar.

Eva Fekete

The webinar was very well put together. The process was followed clearly from start to finish which made it very easy to follow.

Elaine Hughes

With my small amount of AE knowledge it bridged the gaps and provided a lot of extra important information. Very easy and clear to follow, would highly recommend.

Elaine Hughes

Great #Pension #AutoEnrolment #CPD #webinar by @BrightPayUK plus special guest appearance from @BookMarkLee.


Wonderful presentation and very informative

Helen Willmot

Really good, very informative and answered all my AE queries that I had. Would highly recommend.

Elaine Hughes

Another professional Auto Enrolment webinar reassuring us we are on the right track

Robert John Hunt

Well worth attending. Easy to understand and both speakers and question time was great. Many thanks. I have already booked on for more webinars.

Patricia Carragher

Today's webinar was really informative, and I will have lots of resources to refer back to and help with client queries. Thank you!

Fiona Budd

Very professional, straight to the point and well constructed webinar.

Karolina Kerswell

Very helpful, thank you

Catherine Jackson

BrightPay are always really helpful, up to date and well informed and help us stay ahead of the game and well prepared for any upcoming changes.

Agnieszka Litke

Some great information - clearly presented and very helpful.

Michelle Luhr

This webinar was very informative about the process and clarified very well the different requirements and actions at each stage.

I feel much clearer in my head now to be able to present auto enrolment to clients and to be able to operate AE within my payrolls.

Linda McLachlan

A very informative and clear webinar that has helped us to understand how to advise clients and reminded us of the key points of Auto Enrolment

Sharon Wright

Excellent Webinar with excellent presenter. Highly recommended.

Brian Ward

I have attended many auto enrolment webinars. This one by BrightPay is a clear winner!

Arunas Zekonis

Very useful, practical advice - a must for anyone involved in the practicalities of auto enrolment!

Shelagh Brownlow

Just catching up on the @brightpay webinars on YouTube lots to take in but there are really Informative and iinteresting#bpwebinars


Thank you @BrightPayUK for the Auto-Enrolment webinar this morning


@BrightPayUK Really enjoyed your webinar on Monday. Looking forward to the demo next week.