Nov 2012


Creating RTI-ready payroll software - a BrightPay 2013/14 update

Over the past few months, we have been keeping you up to date on RTI and how it will affect your operations as an employer. You may have already started to prepare for the change.

The RTI development for BrightPay 2013/14 is on track and going well. As the lead software architect for BrightPay, my top priorities are:

  1. to ensure that the RTI experience in BrightPay 2013/14 is as seamless and easy to use as possible. We are not just adding an RTI layer of on top of the existing software design, but are instead rethinking the core design where we feel it's necessary to do so to make RTI function as simply and clearly as possible.
  2. to ensure that RTI support in BrightPay 2013/14 is in full compliance with HMRC specifications and guidelines. For you, the employer, it should just work or, in the case of an issue, make it very clear what you need to do to make it work.
  3. to ensure that BrightPay 2013/14 is completed (and thoroughly tested!) on schedule.

As well as RTI support in BrightPay 2013/14, we're also working on other improvements and new features (including some common customer requests - watch this space!). We're very happy with our progress so far and we will have more updates for you soon. We're really excited about bringing you a better BrightPay.

As always, please feel free to pick up the phone or email us with any queries regarding RTI, or anything else - we are always available for a quick response. Follow us on Twitter (@BrightPayUK) where we try to regularly post useful and helpful information. It might also be worth following HMRC on Twitter (@HMRCgovuk) for additional RTI updates or to take part in one of their popular Twitter Q&A sessions.

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