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Nov 2013


HMRC and their new call handling

HMRC have recently introduced a new way of handling calls on some of their helplines and they are looking for Employers to offer their feedback through a short survey.

The new system is called Intelligent Telephony Automation or ITA. HMRC say that this new technology will help improve the handling of calls, instead of being offered different options or pressing different buttons the system will recognise and react to what the customer says. The customer will be put onto the correct adviser for their question even if they have called an incorrect telephone number.

HMRC are also automating elements of the security process, based on the information that the customer provides the system, the adviser will know why they are calling and whether or not the customer has passed security. HMRC are hoping that this will speed up the time that advisers spend with customers and it will allow them to focus on the issue and the call could be completed a lot quicker.

This new system will prompt customers to say a few words and the reason for their call. It is designed to recognise key words or phrases such as Maternity/RTI/P45 and can forward the call onto the correct Adviser or ask further questions if required. HMRC say the system has been widely tested with all accents from all over the UK. The HMRC would like customers that have called the helpline and have used the ITA system to complete a short survey by Friday 29th November to give their feedback and to see if there are any ways that the system could be improved.

Posted byDenise CowleyinHMRC