Jul 2016


BrightPay Customer Survey 2016 - the results are in!!!

This June our annual customer survey was sent out to more than 20,000 customers and the results are in. Customer feedback is fundamental to the success of BrightPay. The survey was designed to give us an insight into what we can do to continuously improve our product for the benefit of our growing customer base. It is important to understand and value what our customers think so we can provide a superior customer experience. In today’s competitive world, we believe we can intertwine our product development with our customer feedback to offer customers a superior experience.

BrightPay has a customer satisfaction rate of 99% which is a slight improvement on last year’s rate of 98.5%. Our customer service and support team performed well receiving a 99% customer satisfaction rate which was also an improvement on last year. 99.5% of customers agree that our customer support has improved in the last year, while 94% agree that BrightPay has improved in the last year. Customers described BrightPay as reliable, high quality, useful, unique and good value for money. 98% believe BrightPay is an innovative product. 98% of customers rate BrightPay’s value for money as excellent or above average.