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Jul 2021


Educate clients on BrightPay Connect using our new online resources

How to introduce new services to existing clients

When it comes to growing your practice, your focus may be on attracting new clients. However, introducing new services to your existing clients is also a great way to grow your business and increase its profitability. Selling new services to the clients you already have can be easier to do, as they already trust you and the services you provide.

Once you have decided on the new services you would like to introduce, how do you promote these new solutions to your clients? Email, your website and social media are all channels that can be used to promote your new services. However, promoting a new service isn’t enough if you do not effectively communicate the benefits of the new services being offered. Educating your clients on the full benefits of a service and instructing them on how to use it, means they will be able to get the most out of it, improving customer satisfaction.

Introducing your clients to the benefits of BrightPay Connect

So, you have decided to introduce BrightPay Connect, our optional cloud add-on into your practice. By linking payroll data and access to the cloud, this functionality offers you significant online benefits to enhance your payroll services, strengthen client relationships and increase profits. You may understand how much you, your clients and your clients’ employees can benefit from using BrightPay Connect but what’s the easiest way to inform clients of these benefits?

At BrightPay, we’ve done the work for you and have put all the information your clients need in one place. Below are three options for sharing the information with your clients:

1. Direct them to our new Client Hub Webpage

To bring clients up-to-date on your new services simply send them a link to the new Client Hub webpage on our website. There they will find:

  • A client-focused demo video of how to use BrightPay Connect.
  • A full list of BrightPay Connect’s features and how your clients can benefit from them.
  • Information on the employee self-service app.
  • A link to our Connect Employee Starter Pack with information on how to get started using Connect.
  • Instructions on how your clients can invite employees to start using the app.
  • Instructions on how your clients can invite line managers, department managers, HR managers and other colleagues to the employer dashboard.
  • Links to other useful resources.
Visit the Client Hub Webpage

2. Send them our Client Hub PDF

Rather than sending your clients straight to our website, you can send them our Client Hub document instead. The document contains all the same information as the webpage and can be downloaded and read anywhere, on any device. The document could also be attached to emails being sent out to clients as a way of promoting this new range of services.

Download the Client Hub Document

3. Embed our Client Hub PDF onto your own website

Creating a page on your own website where you can display all the information your clients need on BrightPay Connect is easier than you think. You can create a simple webpage where you have all your information on the new service you are offering and how much it costs etc. On the same page you can embed our Client Hub PDF, by simply pasting the code below into the HTML on your website:

<p><iframe src="https://www.brightpay.co.uk/guides/Client-Hub-UK.pdf" width="1080" height="1092"></iframe></p>

Visit here for help on how to embed code onto your website. Below is how the PDF will look once added:

 For more information on how BrightPay Payroll Software and BrightPay Connect can automate payroll processes and help your practice become more efficient watch back our webinar ‘Optimising your payroll offering to improve profitability’.

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