Oct 2021


The tools you need to make hybrid working a success

The evolution and growth of hybrid working has been a silver lining of the pandemic for many employees and employers. Despite the challenges of working from home, hybrid working can offer a better work-life balance, fewer distractions, time and money saved commuting, and greater flexibility. Employers have also been able to see that it works; tasks can still be completed on time and to a high standard, regardless of location.

As restrictions have eased in the UK, how employers have approached the adoption of hybrid working has been varied. Grappling with how they’ll implement it, employers have been testing out different models; from allowing a number of set day at home, or an entirely opt-in model, to a model where it's suited to only certain roles. In the accounting sector, we’ve seen major firms embrace the new workplace options. Most recently in the US, we’ve seen PwC announce that 40,000 of its employees can work remotely. If bigger businesses continue to implement hybrid working options, it is likely that it will impact smaller and mid-sized firms, with growing competitiveness among them to offer remote options to employees.

How can smaller firms adopt hybrid working and truly make it a success? It can be challenging, not only to productivity but also to the company culture. It’s made even more challenging when businesses don’t invest in the tools required to work from home. Research published in September 2021 by Ricoh Europe shows that that only a third (36%) of employers say their organisation has provided the tools and technology to maintain employee productivity while working from any location. This is despite over half of employers understanding that investing in automation boosts productivity.

To help you prepare for the realities of hybrid working and what accounting and payroll software tools are available to help you and your firm, we’ve teamed up with BTC Software to deliver a webinar. BTC Software provides feature-rich accounting and tax software. In the webinar we will examine the changes which have occurred at work due to COVID-19 and highlight what can be done to establish the best way of working. Register for the free webinar here.

Webinar agenda:

  • Part 1: How COVID-19 has changed how we work
  • Part 2: Restructure of how we work post-pandemic
  • Part 3: What can accountants do to ensure they are digitally savvy to keep up with the new way of working?
  • Part 4: Q&A session

Please note: This webinar is specifically designed for accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll bureaus.

Webinar Information:
The webinar takes place on 26th October at 1.00pm and is free to attend for accountants in practice and payroll bureaus. If you are unable to attend the webinar at the specified time, simply register and we will send you the recording afterwards.

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