Nov 2022


The ultimate auto enrolment guide for payroll processors

Auto enrolment can be a confusing and time-consuming aspect to payroll, especially for small businesses and start-ups. From enrolment letters to re-enrolment eligibility, it can be difficult to find the correct guidance you need, especially with non-compliance penalties looming in the background. Streamlining your auto enrolment duties can really free up your time each pay period and allow you to focus on your business’ growth or other exciting developments in the pipeline. Using a HMRC compliant payroll software with full auto enrolment functionality can provide you with a clear and concise path on how to fulfil your auto enrolment duties.



Let your payroll software do the hard work

Along with HMRC compliance, using a payroll software that automatically checks your employees’ eligibility for auto enrolment can save you the hassle and time of manually evaluating them yourself. Along with that, using a payroll software that notifies you of any new employees that need to be enrolled, saves you time when hiring new staff.

Auto enrolment and re-enrolment letters can be a tedious aspect of the auto enrolment process too. Re-enrolment is a requirement that takes place every three years, involving a re-declaration of compliance submission to The Pensions Regulator and sending a re-enrolment letter to each employee. Having a payroll software in place that can send personalised templates of auto enrolment and re-enrolment letters can save you the time it takes to type up these letters for each employee.

Integrated with pension providers

Manually exporting pension files and uploading them to pension provider portals can feel like a chore each pay period. It’s time to automate this task by integrating your payroll software with a pension scheme provider. This is streamlines setting up new employees into pension scheme and allows you to submit pension data easily, from within the payroll software.

Send auto enrolment letters to employees’ smartphones

Using a software that sends enrolment letters for you to your staff can really take a weight off your shoulders. For example, BrightPay’s cloud extension, BrightPay Connect, generates personalised enrolment letters and send them automatically through the employee app. This saves you the mountain of workload it would take to write up each enrolment letter individually, and offers employees a much more streamlined form of communication, improving their satisfaction levels.

BrightPay is an award-winning HMRC compliant payroll software that offers full auto enrolment functionality, at no extra cost. Once your employees’ details have been setup, you will have access to all the features mentioned above. We are also integrated with some of the UK’s leading pension providers, including Aviva, NEST, The People’s Pension and Smart Pension.

Start your auto enrolment journey with BrightPay today, for a stress-free and streamlined experience. To see our software in action, book a free 15-minute demo today.