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Aviva API integration with BrightPay

Using Aviva's API integration with BrightPay

BrightPay and Aviva have worked closely together to bring you API integration that allows customers to submit their pension data file from BrightPay through to the Aviva online portal. An API feature is a fully integrated tool that directly links both the payroll and pension provider together.

The Aviva API facility will save users time as users will no longer have to export their pension contributions file, save the file, open the Aviva online portal and submit their pension file each pay period. With just one click, users can directly access the Aviva online portal to submit their pension data.

Video Tutorial: Sending your Aviva pension file through the API 


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Aviva Workplace Pension

Aviva is a workplace pension scheme that accepts all employees and has been independently reviewed against the voluntary Master Trust assurance framework. Aviva was the first Group Personal Pension (GPP) that met The Pensions Regulator’s (TPR) criteria to be included on a list of GPPs open to any employer.

According to TPR:

‘Well-run multi-employer Master Trusts and GPPs are a good choice for small and micro employers preparing to meet their workplace pension duties.’

Aviva will accept any employer and is fully integrated with BrightPay payroll. Aviva customers benefit from a dedicated UK-based Aviva helpdesk who will answer all your pension and setup questions. There is no setup charge for employers who choose Aviva as their workplace pension scheme.

Visit Aviva's website for more information.


Helping HMRC Basic PAYE Tools Users (BPT)

The BrightPay and Aviva integration offers the ideal solution for HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) users. BrightPay provides a quick and easy process for employers to import their employer file from Basic PAYE Tools into BrightPay in less than one minute. If your chosen workplace pension scheme is with Aviva, you can simply submit your pension file through the Aviva API facility, saving you even more time.


Switching Pension Pots

Over your working life, you may accumulate a number of pension pots after moving between jobs and companies. In BrightPay, there is new facility to allow users to easily switch employees from one pension scheme to another. Aviva also facilitates transferring pension pots from other pension schemes to Aviva. There is no charge by Aviva for a pension transfer.


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