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How to use BrightPay if you need to work from home

While BrightPay remains a desktop solution, the software can be installed at ten different locations on ten different PCs or laptops. BrightPay payroll files can be accessed remotely through cloud environments like a shared server, Google Drive or Dropbox. This flexibility will allow users to continue to operate their payroll as normal. In addition, you can log into your BrightPay Connect account to view your payroll information at any time. Read our step-by-step guide that explains how to use BrightPay when working remotely.

Read Step-By-Step Guide New Remote Working Functionality

Redundancies & Furloughed Employees

New regulations which came into effect on 31st July 2020 have changed the way in which statutory redundancy and notice pay must be calculated in respect of furloughed employees. If a furloughed worker (including those on a flexible furlough arrangement) loses their job and is entitled to redundancy pay, this should be calculated on the basis of their normal pay, rather than on the basis of reduced furlough pay. When processing a redundancy payment through BrightPay, we would advise that you create a new addition called Redundancy or Redundancy Payment, leaving the Tax & NIC can be deducted options unticked.

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Redundancy in BrightPay

BrightPay Customer Support - Business as Usual

All of our staff can perform their roles from home, and all staff are issued with laptops and access to our phone and email systems. Our customer support is still very much open for business and we will continue to support our customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. Apologies if you hear any domestic background noise while talking to a support operative. This may be unavoidable and we ask that you bear with us for the duration. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team here.

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