Sep 2013


Missed RTI Deadline? – Expect a Letter from HMRC

167,000 employers have missed one or more deadlines for the new RTI reporting system for PAYE income tax.  These employers will now receive a letter from HMRC.

HMRC previously sent a chasing letter to companies that missed a deadline in June, and instructions on how to use RTI were sent in October 2012 and again in February 2013.

Although a few companies may not report because their PAYE scheme is unused or no longer operating, but in these cases employers are still required to let HMRC know by contacting the Employer Helpline.

Certain employers are also required to operate a PAYE scheme for employee expenses and benefits, in this case they should either submit a nil EPS every month, or contact HMRC to change their scheme to annual reporting. The Tax Office will not contact employers who have already registered their PAYE scheme as an annual scheme.

Over 85 percent of employers - 1.6 million employers and 40 million individuals - are now using RTI, with HMRC recently contacting employers via an on-line survey to estimate how companies are coping.

A temporary relaxation for small businesses was recently extended to April 2014 due to manageability concerns as The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales warned it would be "impossible" for many businesses to comply.

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