Mar 2014


Year end procedure in BrightPay

With the introduction of RTI the year end procedure for 13/14 is a simple process. You will no longer need to send a P35 instead a “Final submission” needs to be sent to HMRC.

1.  Complete your payroll for the year, sending your FPS files as normal on or before your pay date, this would need to be done for all pay frequencies you run. You will not be asked when doing these final FPS files that this is your “final submission”, instead we have designed it so you can send you final submission as an EPS.
2.  Before you final submission is sent be sure to send an EPS for statutory payments recovered (if applicable)
3.  The final submission you need to send in the tax year is an EPS file. To create the EPS final submission click the “New” button in the RTI section and select EPS. From the options select “Final Submission” and tick the relevant box e.g if you have p11s to submit etc.
4.  Finally your P60s need to be printed and given to your employees.



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