Dec 2014


BrightPay joins Accounting Webs Auto Enrolment Campaign

Since October 2012, employers in the UK are obligated by law to enrol their employees into a pension scheme who fall within a certain age and pay bracket. Employers must also contribute towards this pension. This is called Auto Enrolment which will continue to be rolled out over the next few years with the largest companies already enroled. Employers will need to review their pension provision and make sure they’re complying with these new Auto Enrolment duties correctly.

BrightPay & AccountingWeb

BrightPay and Accounting Web are concerned with the number of small businesses and accountants that do not understand the implications of auto enrolment for their business. To combat the lack of awareness Accounting web have launched their ‘No one gets left behind’ campaign to let payroll bureaus and individual employers know what steps they need to do to comply with their AE duties.

BrightPay is delighted to become an official supporter of this Auto Enrolment awareness campaign. The aim is to help business comply with these new duties so they do not face large fines or put added pressure on their business. Accounting web have produced eight easy to understand, simple steps that explain what you need to know.

As of the start of December over 8,000 accountants are aware of Auto Enrolment due to this campaign. Make sure to share this guide with friends, work colleagues and business associates. Auto Enrolment can be made easy if bureaus have the right payroll software in place to deal with Auto Enrolment.

Help BrightPay spread the word and get the message out there.

Accounting Web - Free Guide

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