Feb 2015


Nannies will have to be Auto Enrolled in a Pension Scheme

Do all nannies need to be automatically enrolled?

Most do; nannies who are aged between 22 and the State Pension Age and earn above the Tax Free Allowance (currently £10,000) will need to be automatically enrolled..

A nanny who does not qualify to be automatically enrolled still has the right to ask to join a workplace pension.

My nanny is part time - will I have to set up a pension for her?

Yes – even though your nanny might not need to be enrolled she has the legal right to join a pension. That means that you need to have a pension in place for her to join.

What if my nanny doesn't want a pension? Do I still have to enrol her?

If your nanny qualifies for automatic enrolment, you are legally obliged to enrol her. However, your nanny can always opt out of the pension scheme once they’ve been enrolled if they don’t want to take part.

When will automatic enrolment affect nanny employers?

Automatic enrolment is being introduced gradually. The day the new legislation applies to you is called your Staging Date and will be between now and October 2017.

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