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Aug 2016


Payroll giving to charity on the rise

According to provisional figures recently released by HMRC, approximately £130 million was donated to charity during tax year 2015/16 through payroll giving.

This represented an increase of 3% compared to the previous tax year, but this is still somewhat down on the amounts donated in tax year 2012/13 when a record £155 million was raised via payroll giving.

Payroll Giving is a simple, tax effective way to give to charity directly from an employee's pay.

Employers can set up a scheme with a Payroll Giving agency of their choice. Employees can then authorise their employer to deduct charitable donations from their pay.

Such donations are deducted after NIC but before PAYE is calculated, and are then sent to the payroll giving agency, who pass them on to chosen charities.

For employers who have set up a scheme with a payroll giving agency, BrightPay provides a preset 'Payroll Giving' deduction to facilitate employees who wish to donate in this manner.

Further information on payroll giving can be found at Payroll Giving - GOV.UK

Posted byVictoria ClarkeinPayroll Software