Jun 2021


Managing Payroll Access: Essential Advice for Employers

How can you make payroll more secure?

Do you process payroll in-house? If so, you are likely aware of how important it is to keep your employee’s pay information secure and to control who has access to the payroll and who can process it. However, maintaining such tight control over payroll functions can cause frustration and delays.

BrightPay Connect, the optional cloud add-on to BrightPay Payroll, makes it easier to manage who has access to the payroll information. The User Management interface offers flexibility and security by allowing you to set employees up as either Administrators or Standard Users. Both sets of users have different levels of permissions and there are advantages for both.

Connect Users:

An administrator has full control over the BrightPay Connect account. Typically, the business owner and the payroll processor are set up as administrators. As an administrator, they have the ability to edit account settings, add new users, and manage all employee information and processes. Access restrictions cannot be added for administrators and so it is recommended to have as few administrators as possible.

An administrator can add a new standard user. Standard users can be set-up with certain types of permissions and restrictions. For example, the HR Manager can be given permission to approve employee leave requests for all departments, to view financial information including payslips and reports, and upload HR documents to distribute to employees. However, the Marketing Manager can be given permission to only approve leave requests for employees in their specific department, without any access to the payroll information or HR documents.

To watch how to set up an administrator or standard user, click here.


There are a number of benefits to having an easy, secure and flexible User Management system.

  1. Save Time: Effective user management can save you time in a number of ways. By setting up your accountant as a standard user with permissions to view payroll reports, you will no longer have to communicate back and forth with them about payroll. Additionally, communications between HR and employees regarding leave requests can be reduced by delegating the responsibility among department managers.
  2. Improve Operations Management: Department managers are likely to have a much better understanding of their project timelines and deadlines than the HR department. By allowing these managers to have control over leave requests, they can better manage their team’s schedule and workload.
  3. Increase Security: Payroll data holds sensitive financial and personal information that you are legally obliged to keep secure. No-one wants a situation where an employee can view personal and financial information that they shouldn’t. With the User Management system, you can securely manage who can access payroll data, which also helps you with GDPR compliance.
  4. Improve Flexibility: What happens if you are not available to run this month’s payroll? With BrightPay Connect, standard users can be given permission to ‘Connect and sync employer data’. This means that, although the other person is a standard user, they can still be given permissions to run the payroll on the desktop application of the payroll software, and synchronise the payroll to Connect when completed, so that both users will have the most up-to-date version of the payroll. BrightPay Connect also includes improved multi-user access, where the software will notify you if another user is currently in the payroll, or if you are not using the most up-to-date version of the payroll.

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