Aug 2022


Our 2022 customer survey results: BrightPay in the cloud

It's that time of the year again, the BrightPay customer satisfaction survey results are in. This was our first customer survey since becoming part of Bright which, as well as being the provider of BrightPay payroll software, is a provider of accounts production, bookkeeping and practice management software.

The aim of our annual customer surveys has been to discover what we are doing right and what we can improve on. However, this year especially, one of the main objectives of our survey was to learn more about our customers' expectations, hopes and ambitions as a business, and see how we, as software providers, can best support these aspirations.

Over 1000 BrightPay users took part in this year’s survey, including accountants and payroll bureaus who process payroll for their clients, and businesses who take care of their payroll in-house.


BrightPay’s 2022 customer survey: The results

One of the first questions we ask our customers each year is “How satisfied are you with BrightPay?,” and we’re happy to announce that BrightPay have achieved a 99.1% customer satisfaction rating for 2022. This means that our customer satisfaction rate has now been 99% or higher for 9 years in a row.

Another important question for us has always been “How happy are you with our customer support?”. This year, BrightPay received an impressive customer support rating of 98.9%.

An important metric for us is our Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is used to determine how likely users are to recommend our software to a friend or colleague. BrightPay’s NPS for 2022 was 71.4, putting us well above the industry average of 40 for B2B software and SaaS.


BrightPay in the cloud

In this year's customer survey, there was a lot of focus on BrightPay’s fully cloud version*, which will become available as a Beta version later this year. We asked why you’re likely or unlikely to switch to the online version of BrightPay, and what worries or apprehensions you may have about switching to the cloud payroll software.

Reasons why users said they were interested in moving to the online version of BrightPay included:

  • The ability to access the software from anywhere, at any time
  • The multi-user capabilities that come with having full online access to the software
  • The fact that hosting and data security is transferred to Bright
  • Having the ability to scale your payroll service offering
  • Having an edge over competitors
  • The possibility of increasing profitability
  • The ability to track user updates
  • Automatic software updates
  • To reduce the need for an in-house server


Reasons why users were unlikely or unsure about making the switch, were a lot less varied than those that said they were likely to switch. The majority gave the reason that they were happy with the functionality of BrightPay’s desktop version and felt no reason to move.

A number of users said that they had limited internet access or were living in areas with a slow internet connection, and so felt that an online software wasn’t an option for them. However, we are aware that a proportion of our customers may face this issue, which is why the Windows version of BrightPay will remain available.

The main theme we noticed amongst respondents who said they were unlikely to make the move were concerns of the learning curve that may be associated. Others expressed a lack of knowledge surrounding cloud technology, with comments such as “I’m not sure I understand cloud technology,” “As a small business, I’m unsure if I need it” and “I need to learn more about the cloud software’s features.” However, as you can see from the list above of why users will most likely make the switch, cloud software has many benefits, with the main ones encompassing flexibility, scalability, and security.

At BrightPay, we aim to make the migration process as automated and as seamless as possible for our users to switch from the desktop to cloud payroll solution. The online payroll software’s screen layouts and user design will be almost identical to BrightPay’s desktop version and so there will be almost no learning curve. Our aim is to ensure that the software continues to be user-friendly.


How the online version of BrightPay will look

We understand there is always apprehension when switching to a new system, but users can rest assured that the cloud software will be just as easy to use as the BrightPay you’re used to, with the added benefits.

To celebrate National Payroll week, which is from 5th - 9th September and organised by the CIPP to demonstrate the impact the payroll industry has in the UK through the collection of income tax and National Insurance, BrightPay will be holding a free online webinar. The webinar is on the evolution of payroll, from its beginnings to what we can expect in the future. Register now to confirm your place. Check out our dedicated National Payroll Week webpage for more payroll news and updates.

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The development of our fully cloud version of BrightPay is progressing as expected. At the moment, we are on track for a target beta release towards the end of 2022. Fill in this form if you wish to be notified when the beta version is available to use. If you want to learn more about BrightPay and our current cloud payroll extension, BrightPay Connect, book a free online demo today.

*While you will be able to process payroll using BrightPay’s online version, features of the cloud software won’t include the same functionality as the desktop version upon initial release. However, we will be working hard to get the online software in line with the desktop version.

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