Free BrightPay 60 Day Trial

At BrightPay we understand that people like to try before buying. We are so confident that you will like our software we are offering a free trial for 60 days.

Free Payroll Software BrightPay Trial

We pride ourselves on offering a superior product that makes life easy for our customers. At BrightPay we understand that people like to try before buying. We are so confident that you will like our software we are offering a free trial for 60 days. 

BrightPay's trial is a great way for you to discover just how easy BrightPay is to use without having to make any commitment. Start streamlining your payroll and download the 60 day trial today.

Switch to BrightPay

BrightPay has a 99% customer satisfaction rate. If you are sick of paying for over-priced, out-of-date or substandard payroll software, then switch to BrightPay to see why 99% of customers would recommend BrightPay. Our growing testimonials prove BrightPay is an intuitive and easy to use payroll software. Furthermore, 99.5% of customers think that BrightPay's interface is user friendly.

Full Functionality

The trial version has full functionality with no limitations on any of the payroll or auto enrolment features. Should you decide to purchase BrightPay, you won’t lose any of your payroll data including employee and employer information.

BrightPay is RTI compliant and has full HMRC recognition. BrightPay's trial allows you to submit RTI returns to HMRC, email payslips, schedule holiday leave, process auto enrolment and much more. All in-year upgrades are included free of charge. Explore the full payroll features of BrightPay and find out for yourself just how easy it is to use.

Customer Satisfaction

A recent customer survey confirms just how happy our customers are with BrightPay and the free support they receive. You don't need to be a payroll expert to use our payroll software and our support team are at hand if you get stuck. 99.6% of customers believe that BrightPay has a highly qualified customer support team and 99% are satisfied with the customer service received.

BrightPay offers a cost effective solution that has no hidden charges, in-year upgrade charges or additional charges for support. We believe in offering a superior product that is affordable and reasonably priced. 99% of customers believe BrightPay offers them exceptional value or good value. 86% of customers reported cost-saving benefits and 94% reported time-saving benefits. For overall quality 97.5% think BrightPay is excellent, very good or good.

No Obligation

There is no obligation to buy. If you have any questions during your trial our support team will be happy to assist you. Our extensive help guides and videos can help you along the way with step-by-step instructions listed on our online support documentation page. We will not ask you for any credit card details or get you to sign any contract.


If you do decide that BrightPay is for you, we will send you your licence key code and you can continue using the software with all of the year to date payroll data. Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward. 

Both licences include free phone and email support and automatic enrolment functionality. Click here for a full breakdown of the BrightPay pricing.

Start processing your payroll the easy way. If you would like to see how BrightPay works, simply register for an online demo today or watch our AE video to see how BrightPay handles auto enrolment.

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