Oct 2014


Are you as an employer rewarding your staff enough?

In a recent survey conducted by Tower Watson Global workforce study it has been revealed that 31% of UK employers give bonuses to employees with the lowest performance rating. The group surveyed over 30,000 employees including 1,863 in the UK and found that employers are spreading the pay pot out more thinly in recent years with the effect that it is widening the gap between pay and performance.

Only 39% of UK workers see a clear link between their pay and performance. The research also found that UK organisations are not differentiating pay sufficiently for top staff.

The top consideration for UK staff when deciding to join or stay in a job remains the salary, the research found the UK bosses are falling short on how they deliver pay programmes including basic salary & bonuses. Nearly half (44%) of employees say their organisation does a good job explaining its Pay/Bonuses Programmes but not surprisingly less than half (43%) of people surveyed believe their employer rewards them adequately for breakthrough and innovative ideas and suggestions.

Posted byDenise CowleyinPayroll