Aug 2016


BrightPay Reviews & Testimonials - Find out what our customers think?

At BrightPay, we enjoy exceeding our customers’ expectations. We are constantly improving our payroll and auto enrolment software and the support that we provide for all our users enhance your customer experience.

To do this, BrightPay recently carried out a Customer Satisfaction Survey to find out what our customers really think. The results were overwhelming! We were delighted to discover that both BrightPay and our customer support team have a satisfaction rate of 99%.

Customers left remarkable comments, praising BrightPay’s simplicity, reliability, functionality, value for money, customer support… the list goes on! Here is a selection of some of the comments…

  • I have used BrightPay for nearly two years now and I love it! Its great value for money. It saves me time a does a great job. I can't recommend it enough
  • BrightPay is the very best software I have ever purchased!!
  • From day one it's been a delight to deal with BrightPay - it's improved my relationship with HMRC - I can't recommend them enough - it's almost a pleasure to do the wages each week!
  • This is a great program for any size of company and it is very easy to use, has everything you need, and is it very good value for money, I would recommend this program to everyone who need payroll

BrightPay saves time & money…

  • I absolutely love using BrightPay. It has reduced the time it takes to do my payroll to less than an hour when it used to take nearly three! It links to Nest and creates bank files making payments faster. It has built in letters and reminders for auto enrolment and really does the work for you
  • Using BrightPay has made my life so much easier - time spent would have been easily 70% longer if I didn't have BrightPay

Switching to BrightPay…

  • I used Sage for many years and was nervous about changing. The changeover from Sage to BrightPay was quick and easy. The payroll experience is now a pleasure!
  • Transition from other software was so easy any queries are answered professionally and in a timely manner

BrightPay vs. competitors…

  • IRIS, ADP and other outdated payroll systems have had their day, the new world is BrightPay for payroll processing. User friendly, practical and versatile software making running payroll easy and me look good
  • I regularly recommend BrightPay to those I know who have need of payroll software, it does everything that the more expensive software will do but it is in my opinion more efficient, easier to use and with greater benefits
  • In my opinion BrightPay is about the best payroll and Auto Enrolment software in the market, easy to use and efficient. Totally reliable and always up to date software. Keep up the excellent work

BrightPay’s value for money…

  • BrightPay is extremely functional and very good value for money. We moved from Iris in April 2015 and have not regretted the decision
  • I couldn't believe how affordable it is, definitely customer focused as they put customers first instead of their own pocket

BrightPay’s support team…

  • Telephone support is rarely needed as the software is intuitive with "help" feature that provides 99% of the answers. For that rare 1% that persist I find telephone support is easily accessible, patient and they know their product well.
  • From the start I found it easy to understand the programme; when I needed advice, I found it easy to obtain through the Helpline. I thoroughly recommend BrightPay

BrightPay’s functionality & ease of use…

  • Very user friendly payroll software. Compared to other packages I used before this software was breeze to use and the tutorials on their website are great
  • I can't recommend this highly enough. Super reliable, super-fast, well supported. It's a pleasure to work with something which has been so thoroughly well designed and built.
  • BrightPay is so easy to use anyone with a little knowledge can use it with ease. You can rest reassured that your duties as an employer are being satisfied and all in less time than with other payroll software. I would recommend BrightPay to everyone
  • Since changing to BrightPay it has not only been cost effective for the business but extremely easy to use and has made the auto enrolment process easy and stress free

BrightPay for bureaus…

  • I wouldn't hesitate to recommend BrightPay to both professional payroll bureaus, employers and single people alike. I have found very few problems with our switch over and I am a bureau processing well over a hundred payrolls
  • I have used BrightPay for several years with the bureau service and it has never let me down. The aftercare and personal attention is second to none. I have recommended BrightPay to several of my colleagues and I know I can do this with every confidence they will never look at another software program for payroll

BrightPay for employers…

  • Would recommend to any small start-up business as a MUST to have peace of mind and your PAYE all secure and HMRC fully up to date
  • If you're a payroll novice, like me - don't worry. Get BrightPay. Use it and know that you're getting it right
  • This software has transformed the process of handling employees in small enterprise - the previous burden has been lifted off my shoulders, and it helps me keep abreast of my commitments to report and pay over money to HMRC like a dream.

This is just a fraction of the hundreds of wonderful comments that BrightPay received! You can also find out more about what customers have to say on the BrightPay testimonials and BrightPay case studies pages on our website.

If you haven’t yet seen BrightPay, you can book a demo with our sales team. The 20 minute online demo will take you through processing both payroll and auto enrolment. You can also download a 60 day free trial of the software with full functionality.



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