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Sep 2016


Payrolling Benefits in Kind 2017-18

HMRC requires an employer to register in order for them to process benefit in kind through the payroll. If you are planning on processing the benefit in kind through the payroll for 2017-18 you can register now and up to 5th April 2017. But HMRC are advising employers that it would be best to register before the 21st December, when the annual tax coding process normally starts, in order to avoid being sent several tax codes for employees with payrolled benefit in kinds.

Employers who wish to process benefits in kind through the payroll must ensure they are registered with HMRC for real time information. Employers can register for payrolling of benefits using their government gateway ID to login. Currently agents cannot use this registration service for payrolling of benefits but HMRC will develop this option at a later stage.

Employers must select the benefits that will be processed in the payroll for their employees for the whole tax year. If a benefit is not selected by the employer but is processed through the payroll the employer must report these benefits on a P11D. Benefits may be added or the original application can be changed by the employer if an error was made. Normally the selection of benefits, if no changes were made, would automatically be carried forward to the next tax year.

Posted byDebbie ClarkeinHMRCPayroll Software